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How the heck did it fall off a table three feet high? That should never happen.

I'd suggest that you take him or her to the vet ASAP. The leg might still be broken even if you think it's not.

Otherwise, there might be internal bleeding. Picture what would happen to a person after falling off a 30-foot building.

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โˆ™ 2011-04-22 04:39:20
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Q: If one of your baby hamsters is limping after it fell off a table about 3 foot high and its leg is not broken could there be any other reasons for its limp?
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Well if your cat is limping its probably because she sprained her paw or leg.

How tell if hamster if hamster has a broken leg?

If it is limping or having trouble walking. Also If the leg looks bent the wrong way. Or you could have a vet check it out.

What does it mean if my hamsters foot is swollen?

It may be broken or it could have an infection. Please take it to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

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Your hamster may be limping if it was climbing the cage and fell and then hurt itself. Or they could have an infection. Or they could be faking it which is VERY unlikely. My hamster started limping when it got a sugerpuff stuck to its leg, my mum thought its leg had fallen off!

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If your hamsters stomach is bloated, there is obviously something wrong with it. The could be a number of things wrong; it could have eaten too much, the proctective wall around the stomach could be broken, or it could be gas. either way, see a vet before you do any poking and prodding.

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How could humans have impact on hamsters

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Pet stores and friends could take baby hamsters.

Could your cat be limping because she got bit by something?

i dont know ask a vet

Could hamsters smell cheese?


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