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It depends on the wording of the alimony decree. Generally, the alimony and the Social Security are independent of one another.

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Q: If paying alimony and ex spouse becomes eligible to draw Social Security on ex spouse who is paying alimony can alimony payments stop?
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Will your Social Security payments be reduced when your spouse becomes eligible and receives his Social Security?

No. Your benefits are calculated individually and do not change when your spouse begins receiving his or her benefits.

Is there a way to prevent a stepdaughter from receiving survivor benefits from your dad's Social Security?

No. The Social Security Agency determines who is eligible benefits of any type and likewise the SSA decides when a person becomes ineligible.

Is there any spousal support provided before a divorce gets finalized?

Temporary Alimony is spousal support that is paid during a separation but before the divorce becomes final. This type of alimony may ultimately be continued after the divorce but not necessarily. In some cases, the alimony stops altogether when the divorce becomes final.

Can the younger parent not receiving SS apply for her minor child's SS benefits if the father is eligible?

Social Security Benefits are paid based on their Social Security number. The younger parent will have to wait until she becomes of age to collect her own benefits.

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In Florida can alimony be terminated if a wife co habits with another man?

Most likely, yes. Alimony can be terminated automatically by certain conditions such as when the person receiving spousal support: * dies * remarries * cohabitates (moves in with a lover) * becomes self supporting

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The state will usually terminate the child support payments. If they have no, you may need to contact a lawyer.

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