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Yes, this does mean that you are not communicating well this person. Communicating well with others is one of the most difficult things in life. It is always a challenge, even for outgoing or extroverted people. For quiet or introverted people it can be a nightmare. If you want to talk to this person but don't have anything to say, try to find out what they have to say. In other words: Ask them questions and be a good listener. There is almost always a subject that people would like to talk about. What are they interested in? Take what you know about the person and then ask them about it. For example, if you know they like music you can ask about what they listen to. Or you can ask about something very general, like if they have hobbies. You can also practice talking to other people. Practice in safe situations, like with your family or close friends (or with strangers whose opinions you don't care about!). Try telling a story. Think of something funny or interesting that happened to you. Practice telling that same story to different people. It might sound corny and you might not enjoy retelling the same story, but it will help you practice. Communication skills, like anything else, can be improved with practice.

2006-08-29 14:18:41
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Q: If someone complains that you never talk to them but you are just quiet and do not have anything to say does that mean you do not communicate well?
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