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No. Once a cosigner has signed the contract the only way they can be removed from the responsibility is a new agreement being made without the assistance of the original cosigner.

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Q: If someone cosigned a lease to your apartment can they take their name off the lease even if you have been paying the payments?
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Can you live in your apartment without paying rent?

Of course, as long as someone is paying it. When the rent stops, you no longer have the right to occupy the apartment; it is someone else's property.

Can you be arrested for not paying your apartment debt?

Yes you could be arrested for not paying your apartment debt.

What can I do about a student loan I cosigned for and they not paying?

Sue them, you have already taken pitty on them, so if they dont show signs of paying ( take your warning) sue them

How do you get someone out of your apartment who isn't paying rent and doesn't have a lease with you or your landlord in Washington DC?

In order to remove someone from your apartment, you will need to obtain an eviction notice. Without an eviction notice, it is illegal to remove the person from the premises.

What do i do when a mortgage account is showing up on my online banking when i only cosigned i have BOA and the loan is with a carrier through BOA I'm not the primary can escrow fix this?

You cosigned the mortgage. If the are now taking the money out of your account to pay the mortgage, it means the other people are no longer paying their mortgage. First: You should contact the other people and see if they actually are skipping payments. If they are skipping payments, then since you cosigned the mortgage the bank will take the money from your account to pay the mortgage. Second: If they are paying the mortgage, you should contact the bank and find out what is wrong. Third: No. Escrow will not fix this. Escrow serves a totally different purpose. It is a way to spread out the taxes over a year's time. 1/12 of the years taxes and insurance are put into an account.

What are the benefits of paying credit card bills online?

There are many benefits to paying credit card bills online. Many websites offer the ability to schedule automatic payments which can save someone from missing a payment. Also many companies allow payments online from cell phones so paying on the go takes any hassle out of the equation.

What does a lease rent mean?

The terms lease or rent refer to paying for a piece of property (such as a house, apartment, or car) that someone else owns. The payments you make allow you to use that property for an allotted period of time. The term lease can also refer to the agreement made regarding how much will be payed for how long.

When did social security begin paying disability payments?


Cosigned a car loan for ex-girlfriend and have had to make about 25 percent of the payments and am paying the insurance in the state of Alabama can I take the car from her if I go to court?

You do not even need to take the person to court. You being the cosigner has just as much right to the vehicle as they do. You can go take the vehicle anytime you want to.

I am paying child support payments until she's 22 when do I stop paying do I stop on the 22nd or do I continue paying until the 23rdbirthday?

on her birthday

How do you prevent your home from going in to foreclosure?

By paying your mortgage payments on time.

Making car payments can your car be repo?

If your paying for the car, they cannot!

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