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When a woman flirts with a man, it doesn't necessarily mean that she fancy's him. But, it does mean that she wants HIM to fancy HER. She may never act on flirtation but it makes her feel good about herself. The same is probably true for men.

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Q: If someone flirts with you does it mean they fancy you?
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What does to fancy someone mean?

if you fancy some one it means you love or like them

What does it mean if you fancy someone?

it means that you like that person.

What does it mean when someone calls someone a dog?

when someone calls someone a dog they mean homie or a guy that flirts with a lot of girls dude how do you not know that

What do do you do when you fancy the school flirt but he goes out with someone else who you find VERY annoying but still flirts a lot with other girls?

Flirt back who knows , you might score.

What does it mean when a shy girl points her shoulder toward her crush when talking to someone else?

she flirts

If a guy who doesnt usually flirt with a girl flirts with someone does that mean he likes the girl?


What does it mean when someone say'what is your status'?

Its a fancy way of "are you single"

What is the meaning when a girl flirts?

They want to check out if your good enoguh for them or they fancy you BIG TIME!

What does it mean when you fantasize about kissing someone?

If you fantasize about kissing someone, it doesn't necessarily mean you are in love with them. You may have a crush on them, or fancy them.

Does jess fancy kieren?

i think she does. she flirts every day, and this shows she has sexual intentions towards him

What is an overt flirt?

When someone flirts with you openly.

What does it mean when someone calls you Fancy Pants?

it means a girl wants 666 with you

What does it mean when your boyfriends friend flirts with you?

It means he flirts. It may be innocent, but probably isn't.

What does it mean to fancy someone?

To fancy someone is to enjoy their company very much. So much so, that you might spend a lot of time fantasizing about your real or imagined time(s) together.

How do you tell someone that you have a crush on them?

Stuttering, constant flirts.

He flirts with you and then ignores you and then flirts again what does it mean?

he likes u but doesnt noe how to show u

When a guy flirts with you a lot does that mean he likes you or is he just a flirt?

If he flirts with other girls in addition to you; then he is just a flirt.If he only flirts with you then he is probably interested in you.

When a guy flirts with you a lot then out of no where has a girlfriedn what does that mean?

I am not saying this is the truth, but either his girlfriend was not nice, or he just wanted someone to mess around with.

What does it mean when a girl flirts with you and other boys?

People flirt. It is good for health. If someone is committed also it does not mean she can not flirt with the others. When it comes to loyalty, there is definitely a limit of flirting. So, when a girl flirts with you, just feel lucky and enjoy. And know where to draw the line.

What do you do when you fancy someone?

*Giggle* Fancy someone do ya? Tell them you fancy them but use 21st century words. I love your language though, classy.

Does lexi fancy caterina?

depends on the way she acts around her. if she flirts maybe she does. but if they just talk and junk she probably doesnt

What does the phrase 'carry a torch' mean?

If you are "carrying a torch" for someone, it means that you fancy them.

What does it mean to snake someone?

It means like if you fancy someone and your texting erm all the time.. your snaking them:L Stupid term...

How do you find someone that likes you as bf?

if he flirts with u or somethinq

What does it mean if a guy flirts with you then just suddenly stops?

if a guy stops flirting with you that means they don't like you anymore and they like someone else.