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Decisions concerning deportation are made by the USCIS as it pertains to Immigration laws and guidelines. Even so, the person is allowed to appeal deportation through due process, regardless of the fact they do not have citizenship status. It is not an action that can be requested or imposed by an individual including a spouse.

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Q: If someone has been married to an alien for more than 2 years can they have them deported?
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Could my sponsored alien husband get deported if i divorce?

The U.S. grants a married immigrant conditional permanent residence status for two years. At the time of the divorce if the two years has not past the spouse is deported after the divorce proceedings.

If your husband got deported fromm the US and were still married for 7 years can he get married to someone eles and were still married?

yes he can still get married

Can an illegal alien be deported if legally married to a US citizen and has children?

yes, my ex-husband is going through this with his wife, they have 2 small children and have been married for almost 7 years. She is being deported around the first of the year.

Cane an illegal alien who was deported and barred for ten years come back sooner by marrying an us citizen?

Can an illegal alien who was deported and barred for ten years come back sooner by marrying an us citizen?

Can a us citizen marry a legal alien whose visa has expired?

You certainly can get married. The marriage does not change their visa status and they could be deported. And have to wait for several years before trying to get a green card.

If an alien has been deported for a drug charge nearly 10 years ago is there anyway he could come back if you have been married all most 5 years?

Once a person has been deported for drug charges, it is going to be very hard to get back into the United States. You may want to live in the country that you are now living.

Is there any way for an illegal alien to come to the United States legally if he was deported 3 times and has a US felony but married a US citizen before his 3rd deportation?

Nope there is no way!!MAybe in 10 years

Will a illegal alien who married a US Citizen be deported after marriage?

First, When the INS catches the illegal alien, they WILL be deported. After paying a $1,000 fine, and waiting 3 to 5 years, the alien may then apply for a marriage visa, a green card, and citizenship in the US at the Embassy in his native Country. If the US Embassy determines that the alien had made illegal entry into the US "for the sole purpose of marrying to obtain citizenship" the applications will be refused. Also note that in the US most states now require proof of citizenship when applying for a marriage license.

Will an illegal alien who got US Citizenship by fraudulent means be deported if turned in even if they have been living here for 20 years?


If a person has been in the us illegaly for 10 years can they get married without getting deported?

They can certainly get married. There is normally no requirement to prove citizenship to obtain a marriage license. It does not mean they won't get deported or that they automatically get citizenship.

If an illegal alien enters the US illgally crossing the border then gets married to a US citizen can the alien stay in the US?

Yes, if the person has never been deported & has been in the country for less than 6 months (or perhaps a year). However, if the person has been deported they must reside out of the country for 10 years. There are very few successful cases appealing the 10 year out-of-country penalty.

Can a citizen marry a divorced illegal alien that s been here less than 2 years?

You can, but it wouldn't be advisable. The illegal alien can be deported at any time. It may even be impossible for them to get back to the US.

Can some one after being deported ever get his status back in the u.s.a?

It depends on why a person gets deported and how many times they were deported. An Aggravated Felon can never return to the U.S. An illegal alien, with no criminal record, who was deported is inelgible to receive a visa for a set amount of time, either 5, 10, or 20 years. This can be overcome by applying for a waiver from the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. In most cases, someone with family ties in the U.S. can apply for and receive a waiver of some sort to return legally.

Can a US citizen keep an illegal immigrant from being deported for a criminal case from 10 years ago if they get married?


You married your husband in Bangladesh a couple of years ago and you are now thinking of filing for divorce. Will he be deported back to Bangladesh?


If a alien citizen 17 years of age gets married with a us citizen over 18 years of age does she become a us citizen?

No. Marrying a US citizen does not make someone a US citizen.

Where can you find out if a divorced person got married again?

I married a immigrant and we are in the process of a divorce. We have been married 5 years. Is my spouse entitled to any thing? Will she be deported when the divorce is final?

Can my husband become a legal alien even though he was deported twice while entering country illegally about 10 years ago. We are married and have 2 kids together. I'm a US citizen?

It may be possible, but it can take a while. He will have to apply for a visa from his own country.

What happened under the alien and sedition acts?

The Alien act changed the time for immigrants to become a citizen from 5 to 14 years. When the Sedition act allowed immigrants to be arrested or even deported it they were suspected to be causing trouble.

How do you divorce someone that has been deported and no contact info?

How do I divorce my husband who was departed to Mexico 2 years ago.

If your boyfriend just married his illegal alien friend how long will the marriage have to last for her to be able to stay in the country?

The ins is deporting people from Oregon who were not married and who were married as an illegal alien even after 40 years. They should talk to a imagration lawyer right away. If they find she is illegal she will be deported possible asap. the same day. It happened to my brother and his Canadian wife. They were in salt lake Utah. the next thing he knew she was in a holding tank in California. it was a night mare.

What should you do if you suspect your spouse only married you to get a green card and can you take any legal action?

I would consult an immigration attorney. It is illegal for someone to get married for the sole purpose of gaining US citizenship. If you have been married less than two years there is a good chance that the person could be deported if the marriage is dissolved.

Can someone who has lived in the US for 6 years illegally and has finished high school in the u.s. get deported back to their country?


How can you prove an unlawful marriage for citizenship?

The only way you can prove someone married for citizenship is by knowing facts personally. My boyfriend married a woman when we were not together and then him and I had a child together. I did not find out until after the child that he was married. He and I had been on and off in relationship to one another for several years. I was angered and knew many facts and wanted to get the woman deported.

Can a American citizen marry someone with a H1B Visa?

Yes why not! Once they are married and prove that it was in good faith, the alien could adjust status to get green card after being petitioned by the American citizen spouse. And once they are into 3 years of successful marriage the alien could apply for US citizenship.