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Virtually any structure built on a property requires a permit.

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Q: If someone wants to build a guest house on their residential property do they have to get a permit?
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Do I need a permit to build French Drains on my property in Everett, WA?

When you build on or change your property you need to have a permit to do so. Check with your home owners association, or your city office. If you are making improvement to a home you want that documented anyway as it helps with property values. Generally installing french drains does not require a permit. If you are adding on to your house then a permit would be required.

How close to your property line can you build a garage?

That depends on your local building codes. You need to call your town clerk's office and ask to speak to someone in the building permit department.

Advantages of buying a property?

There are many benefites of buying a property like first of all its ability to build equity which helpful to increase value of your property, no longer have to deal with landlords, many tax cuts if you have residential property, pride in homeownership and mant more.

Can a City legally prevent you from installing a manufactured home on your vacant residential property?

Absolutely they can. The city has zoning laws in place that define what you can and cannot do/ build on your land.

How do you get permission for a permit in build a lot?


Distance away from property line you can build a fence in Mt Pleasant MI?

You will have to check with the local zoning ordinances. It may require a permit. Normally a fence has to be a foot inside the property line. Check with your local permit office to find out what the exact requirements are. A quick phone call should do it.

How to use the word billed and build in one sentence?

Your going to get billed if you dont build what i want

Can nonprofit organizations build on private property?

Yes. They can build on their own private property.Yes. They can build on their own private property.Yes. They can build on their own private property.Yes. They can build on their own private property.

If you own a property with deeded lake rights and the right to build docks of simple construction can you later be charged a permit fee for the existing dock?

The right to build a dock does not mean you have the permission of the government to build. Most communities have specific building codes and require you to obtain a permit. This is done to allow for safety inspections when necessary, insure that things are built properly to code and that they can properly adjust your tax rates. If the dock was built without a permit, they can have you tear it out.

Can you build on a property that is zoned f2 in lane county Oregon?

Research F2 zoning a bit and you find that it is possible but it needs a special permit and is a dwelling only for most instances.

What is residential land?

Residential land is a place where people build single- family homes, multiple family homes, and condos to live there.

What is the verb of permit?

Permit is a verb. It has accent on the second syllable -- perMIT.She will not permit me to smoke in the house.Permit is a noun. It has the accent on the first syllable -- PERmitI need a permit to build garage.

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