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yes a Dr. can examine them and tell without a doubt.

AnswerYes. A certain hormone shows up stronger when a woman is pregnant even when she is going through a true miscarraige. AnswerYes, they would know whether their was a pregnancy or not. There are horomone changes during pregnancy that are not prevalant during any other time in a woman's body. And usually the hospital or doctor will check for these as well as do an internal ultrasound to determine whether or not there is an actual miscarriage. AnswerIF someone were faking a pregnancy that is pretty bad....but to fake a miscarriage///////I CAN NOT BEGIN TO SAY HOW EVIL AND HEARTLESS that would be. I would not wish the pain I along with several of my internet friends have been through with our miscarriages....I WOULD NOT WISH THIS ON MY WORST ENEMY!!! I can only hope and pray that this person would never have to suffer what i have. AnswerYes, the doctors would be able to tell and to think that someone would fake something like that upsets me so bad. I lost my baby in Sept of 2005 and I had to have a D&C and that was not fun. It is very upseting and hurtfully to loose your child. Nobody can explain what you feel like. I would hope that nobody would ever even think about faking it. AnswerYes, deffinately!!! if someone miscarries then the cervix will still be open and the dr will do an internal. I know because iv had one and i wouldn't wish it anyone!! and for someone to say they have had one when they havent is the nastiest most evil thing to do! and they need medical help. No such words should be said if its not true! and i feel so so sorry for the person who is been lied to
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Q: If someone were faking a pregnancy and went to the hospital when they had their period as if it were a miscarriage would the doctors know that they were never pregnant?
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How do stop the pregnancy?

By birth, miscarriage or abortion at the doctors.

What should you do if you think you've had a miscarriage?


Would a pregnancy test show up positive if you were 6 weeks pregnant even though you had an abnormal period?

Your "abnormal period" may have been a threatened miscarriage or implantation bleeding, the pregnancy test is probably accurate but you should confirm with HCG level at your doctors or hospital.

How soon after a miscarriage can pregnancy occur?

I got pregnant five weeks after my first miscarriage. The doctors said i had to abort the baby i was pregnant with cause i didn't have time to heal and they didn't know what caused the miscarriage, i refused, and my "baby" is now a healthy, smart, vibrant 20 year old junior in college!

The emergency Room Doctor couldn't see the baby at almost 5 weeks does that mean that i had a miscarriage?

If you had a miscarriage, you will definitely start bleeding heavily certainly after 5 weeks of pregnancy. ER Doctors are always busy, and will mostly not be focused when the case is not an emergency, in the case you were bleeding and in pain then of course it could have been a miscarriage, best is to try a pregnancy test again, and change hospital.

What do the doctors do when your baby dies inside of you at 1 month pregnancy?

A miscarriage at 1 month will probably pass itself, and you will barely notice it (whether you even knew you were pregnant when it happened is also unlikely). If you were, or think you were, pregnant and are concerned with having had a miscarriage, you should visit your doctor. They can confirm whether or not you are or were pregnant and possibly whether the embryo is still there.

Can skiing cause a miscarriage?

If you fall really bad I guess you could have a miscarriage and the doctors tell you to avoid all sports where you can fall on your belly when pregnant but in the beginning of the pregnancy there should be no danger and especially if you don't go down the slopes. Exercise is good for you.

Ive taken 4 pregnancy tests that were positive but a doctors test came back negative you havent missed your period yet but am spotting and your tummy is fluttering are you pregnant?

you may have had a miscarriage, talk to your doctor

How long do you stay in hospital after a miscarriage?

12 hrs so the doctors can observe the woman in any case of infection

If you have lower back pain and cramping your period is 3 and a half months late. could you be pregnant?

Yes it could mean you are pregnant. It could also mean you have uterine problems. It could also mean you are having a miscarriage or an istopic pregnancy. You should definatly go to the doctors or at least buy a pregnancy test.

Could a blood test from a doctors appointment show that your pregnant?

Yes. what if its not for pregnancy

How do you if someone is pregnant?

Well either take a pregnancy test or go to the doctors.

Can you bleed and not have a miscarriage?

Well if your bleeding and you're pregnant it doesn't mean you have had a miscariage but you should go to a doctors right away

Can doctors tell you smoke weed from pregnancy test?

Nope, they can only tell if your pregnant.

How do you tell the difference between a miscarriage and a threatened miscarriage?

A miscarriage means you have definitely lost the baby, there is usually lots of cramping and clots. A threatened miscarriage means just that, you are still pregnant but may miscarry in the future. Any spotting while pregnant can be called a threatened miscarriage and many women go on to have healthy babies. If you still have signs of pregnancy like swollen and sore breasts it is probably just a threatened miscarriage. Most doctors will order an ultrasound scan to tell for sure. I should think that a blood test (Quantitative HCG) would be more reliable than ultrasound. Levels are decreased in the case of miscarriage, threatened &/incomplete abortion, & if the fetus is dead.

Can you have a natural birth after having cesarians for fetal distress?

It will depend on your doctors, your hospital, and if you have any complications with this pregnancy.

Is it normal to have a miscarriage at four weeks pregnant?

Most miscarriages happen by 4 months. If you are having severe cramping & a lot of bleeding go see your doctor. As far as the pregnancy test. The pregnancy hormone will still be in your body after miscarriage. According to what the doctors told me when I miscarried, between 2 and 3 out of every 10 pregnancies end in miscarriage. Some miscarriages happen so fast, the woman doesn't even know she's pregnant-- she just thinks her period is late. 4 weeks and 8 weeks are the most common times for a miscarriage as they are the times when a period would have come. Most women who misacrry at 4 weeks don't even realise they have been pregnant.

Can taking oral provera cause a miscarriage?

Provera is perfectly safe for use during pregnancy. Doctors use Provera to help prevent miscarriage in early pregnancy and it is usually taken until 12 weeks gestation, when it is stopped because the placenta has formed and the placenta produces enough progesterone to maintain the pregnancy. Years ago, before they had the modern monoclonic pregnancy tests, they used Provera as a pregnancy test. If you did not bleed, you were pregnant. If you bled, you were not pregnant. Provera will cause you to get your period if you have missed your period due to hormonal imbalance. Provera will also stop your bleeding if you have some dysfunctional uterine bleeding (twice a day for five days). During pregnancy, Provera does not cause bleeding. Provera definitely does NOT cause a miscarriage and is definitely used during pregnancy, expecially if you have a low progesterone level.

Is lower back and stomach cramping a sign of a miscarriage at 15 weeks of pregnancy?

i highly doubt that means miscarriage the doctors often say that when you hit your 3 months your risk of having a miscarriage is very low. the baby can just be shifting to a different position.

How to know when a girl is pregnant?

The only way to find out for sure if a girl is pregnant is take a pregnancy test or visit a doctors office.

When is the earliest you can miscarry?

You can have a miscarriage at any time during your pregnancy, but once you reach the second trimester of your pregnancy your chances of miscarriage goes way down. No one ever really knows what causes a miscarriage for instance I had never had one I had three very normal pregnancies and then this last Febuary I had one at 11 weeks and the doctors said they couldn't explain sometimes it just happens. It is thought that up to 50% of fertilised eggs are passed with the period so in a sense that is a very early miscarriage, but the women don't even know they are pregnant.

When should you go for your first pregnancy doctors visit?

As soon as you know or think that you may be pregnant.

What was the doctors name who operated Justin Biebers pregnancy?

Justin bieber was never pregnant! Its impossible!

Can getting a tattoo cause a miscarriage?

No, tattoo's don't cause miscarriage. Doctors suggest you wait until after having the baby due to your compromised immune system during pregnancy can delay healing or cause infection.

I'm 8week's pregnant and have slight light brownish spotting could this be a miscarriage?

Not to be a downer, but I would get to my doctor right away. My first pregnancy ended at 9 weeks. The first symptom was brown clots. However, I have been told by doctors that brown spotting can just be old blood and not a miscarriage. I hope everything works out, good luck.