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umm recharge your ac compresser u can buy the kit at wallmart for like 30 bucks

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โˆ™ 2009-07-24 21:34:46
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Q: If the AC on my 98 Lumina is not blowing cold air but the fan pump is engaging what could be wrong?
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What could be wrong with the fuel gauge on a 1996 Chevy Lumina van?

your float could be stuck

Why is your 96 Chevy lumina blowing cold air even when the engine is warm?

it may be that you need to replace your thermastat, or coolent level is low wrong mixture

What could be wrong if the speedometer and rpm lights do not work after installing a CD player in a 2000 Chevy Lumina?

Not overly familiar with the Lumina, but you might have accidentaly disconected them at the bus, or the CD player could be drawing to much power(unlikely)

What is wrong if your 1990 Chevy Lumina won't crank?

My 1990 Lumina 3.1 had the same problem and it was caused by the crank sensor.

What is wrong the off button on ac heater will not work it just keeps blowing but it does not switch to hot or cold this is a 1993 Chevy lumina?

it was the fuse. it is in the glove box it is maked (cluster) 10 amp fuse fixed it all.

Your car not blowing air or heat what's wrong?

Car not blowing air or heat

What could be wrong if there is not as much air blowing from the vents as there was because the house doesn't get cold?

The coil is dirty.Hose it out with a water hose.

Your 97 Chevy lumina wont start you have checked the battery and starter and still nothing happens what could be wrong?

I had a similar problem turns out the Alternator was bad.

My BMW 318i is blowing warm air when the air con is turned on can anyone tell me whats wrong?

could be elctrical not turning on compreesor could just be out of freon

You have a 2001 Chevy Lumina sedan that the engine light has come on and stays on what could be the problem?

The 2001 Lumina has the OBDII system. The only way to access the data is with an OBD2 reader (about $120 ) from any FLAPS (Friendly Local Auto Parts Store) Or you could take the car to a dealer and pay them to read the codes. Purchase the Haynes manual for the Lumina so you can look up the codes and figure out whats wrong.

Why does my blower motor only work on high in my 1993 lumina?

There is nothing wrong with the motor there is something wrong with the switching circuits

What could be wrong 1989 Pontiac Sunbird it keeps blowing fulepump fuses it will run for a second then blow a fuse?

Fuel pump is defective and needs replacing.

1999 Chevy Malibu your heater is blowing out cold air and the overheat light came on What could be wrong?

Low coolant, stuck thermostat, blocked hoses.

2002 KIA sportage and the main headlight fuse keeps blowing what could be wrong?

If the main headlight fuse keeps blowing out on a 2002 Kia Sportage, check for a short in the wiring. Also check to make sure there is no moisture in the headlight holder.

What if you said romana was wrong in harvest moon ds?

that means you can start getting to know lumina .

What do you do if central air conditioning ducts are not blowing out strong enough to cool upstairs?

There could be a number of problems. Dirty ducts or heat exchanger. Wrong speed on the fan, or turning the wrong way. Plugged filters or vents.

What is wrong if your power-steering is blowing back?

What could you possibly mean by blowing back?Answer 2When you say blowing back, is the fluid in the reservoir airated? It could be that the pump is cavitating or you have a problem on the feed line from the reservoir to the pump if the reservoir is a remote one. Sounds like the pump requires attention.

What wrong with your AC at home if it running but not blowing?

evaporator frozen over

What is wrong with your Ford F-350 when it is blowing black smoke and it wont start?

Blowing black smoke is indicative of an oil leak in the engine.

Can a Chevy Lumina cam shaft break?

Yes any camshaft can break if something goes wrong.

93 Chevy Lumina Euro Sedan It will crank but not fire What could be wrong?

Ignition module. See if spark plug wires have arched. Check for spark. You could change it yourself. Module plus new wires will cost you around $200.

Your wipers keep blowing fuses on your 1998 Nissan Altima?

If your wipers keep blowing the fuses on your 1998 Nissan Altima, it could be a short or the wrong fuse being used. You may have a short in the wiring or the wiper switch, a bad ground wire, or loose wiring.

What could be wrong with a 1992 Lumina if the hazard lights work but not the signals?

your flasher is bad replace it It's probably the turn signal signal switch in the steering wheel hub. They're junk from the factory.

What does blow the whistle mean?

Blowing the whistle is calling attention to wrong doing.

What could be wrong is a 1997 Chevrolet Blazer when there is little heat blowing?

Thermostat stuck open, clogged heater core, heater flow valve not functioning, or low of coolant.