If the Hindu understanding of the interaction between society and religion should become politicized how could it play out in the US?

I live in British Columbia, Canada and we have many races here. Most of the races such as Asians, Indo-Canadians, Mexicans, blacks, Italians, Greek, etc., have their own private sectors in society such as meeting places, but they do interact with westerners. They also have their own religious beliefs as we do, and often they will build their own temples, churches for their own needs. There is no reason whatsoever we all can't get along. Here is B.C. we enjoy learning about new cultures and through the friends we make with different cultures we can get a sneak preview into their cultural and religious beliefs. The key is, this is what they believe and we should respect that, but it doesn't mean we have to believe what they do. Accept it, experience it and heighten our knowledge. I would like to add that any immigrant coming into either the U.S. or Canada should abide by OUR LAWS and if you break the law and are charged (if it's a serious offense) then the person should be deported. We would be treated the same in any other country. Other than respect for each culture (no racism) and equal opportunity politics need not be brought into it.