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A DNA test can prove if the biological father is actually the father. If it is proven he is the father, then he should have all parental rights as any other parent.

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Q: If the biological father is not listed on the birth certificate what rights does he have over the child in the state of Texas?
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My husband is not my daughters biological father yet his name is on her birth cert and we are now getting divorced What rights does he have to my daughter?

He would have all of the rights that a biological father has. If he was not the biological father, then his name should not have been put on the birth certificate in the first place, unless he adopted her and the birth certificate was changed.

Does a child's biological father have any rights if he is not on her birth certificate or any document?

Yes. Paperwork does not make the father, biology does.

Can a father have his name added to a child's birth certificate if the mother agrees?

A child's biological father can have his name added to a child's birth certificate regardless of whether or not the mother agrees to it. If the biological father voluntarily relinquishes his parental rights and the child is legally adopted by another man, his name can be added to the birth certificate in place of the biological father.

What if the father signed birth certificate and wants to have power over child out of wedlock?

The biological father does have parental rights but he have to petition the court for visitation rights and custody.

How does a biological father sign over his rights to a child if he is not on the birth certificate or has DNA test proving to be the father?

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If the step father sign the an affidavit to be on birth certificate and the biological father hasn't did anything in ten years who has more rights?

the bio-father still has more rights as obvisouly he is the true father

If you are adopted should your adoptive or biological father sign your wedding certificate?

If you are adopted, your biological father has no legal standing. And there is no requirement that any parent sign a wedding certificate. If you are underage, you may need signatures to obtain the marriage license and it would be the adoptive parent that would have to sign.

If the Non biological father is on the birth certificate does he still have rights?

This begs another question: how did this man's name end up on the birth certificate? Until a court rules otherwise, he is the child's father and has all the rights that that entails.

If father is listed on birth certificate and does not pay support what are his rights?

If he has not paid willfully for a long period , then he will loose all rights to the child.

When biological father is not on birth certificate can boyfriend adopt in California?

If it's established who the biological father is, regardless what name is on the birth certificate, he will have to give up his parental rights in order for someone else to adopt the child. He can also go to court and have the name on the birth certificate changed to his.

Is the biological father at fault if another man signs ther birth certificate?

The biological father can legally have his name added to the birth certificate at any time, unless he has signed away parental rights and the other man has legally agreed to adopt the child.Regardless of whose name is on the birth certificate, the biological father is still required to make child support payments.

If you are on the birth certificate have raised the child for 10 years then find out you are not the biological father what are your parental rights?

Get a lawyer. You have a couple of ways to assert your parental rights.

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