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If the brakes pull on a 1993 Chevrolet full-size pickup and you already replaced both calipers what could be the problem?


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2015-07-16 19:28:47
2015-07-16 19:28:47

Fluid blockage such as a brake hose, mis adjusted rear brakes.

What ever side it pulls to bleed the opposite side.Air in the lines.

Most likely the rubber hose is getting clogged and wont get the same amount of pressure.So if it pulls to the right replace the left side hose and vice versa.

If the truck pulls to the left, the brake hose on the right side is bad. If it were me (and it has been), I would replace both brake hose lines. They are cheap and easy to replace.

Possible warped rotor also....


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No it can't be since the car has already been placed for what it is.

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your brake system has air in it and needs bleeding. new calipers are a real hard to bleed

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Blown fuse or wiring defect for the bulb you have already replaced. You have replaced the wrong bulb. The new bulb was defective.

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It would be helpful to know: What vehicle you are working on. The condition of the rear brakes, and were they also bled. Does the brake fluid level stay full, if no then there may be a brake fluid leak.

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