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You would have to buy the car from the other person and take a loan in your own name.

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If you helped your mother get a home and her name is on the deed but yours is on the note and she has been missing payments is there an easy way out?

The only option to be removed as a cosigner is to have the secured property refinanced without the cosigner being involved.

If you are a cosigner for someone and they default on the payments and the cosigner pays the debt off can you have the past due amount removed from your credit report?

No, you signed, you are equally responsible for the payments, you are also equally responsible for what happens with regard to default. This is why the lender permitted you to sign as a co-securer of the original loan.

If someone cosigned a lease to your apartment can they take their name off the lease even if you have been paying the payments?

No. Once a cosigner has signed the contract the only way they can be removed from the responsibility is a new agreement being made without the assistance of the original cosigner.

How can a cosigner be removed from the loan?

The only option is for the loan to be refinanced without the particpation of the present cosigner.

Does a DUI ever get removed from your drivers license?

The answer is not really. It stays on your record forever but normally for driver;s license purposes it goes off in ten years.

Can the cosigner of a student loan be removed when the loan owner stopped paying because she was convinced to by a third party who used defamation of character against the cosigner?

It may depend on your local state laws, but generally, no. Once you cosign, you are liable for payments if the other stops paying, no matter the reason.

Is there a way for the cosigner to be removed as cosigner if primary owner defaults?

No. The purpose of requiring a co-signer is that in the case of a default by the primary borrower, the cosigner has agreed to be fully responsible for the loan. Therefore, if the borrower defaults, that's what you're there for if you're the cosigner.

How can you get a cosigner off of the title?

If the loan is paid off, the lender will give you a lien release. With that release in hand visit your local DMV to have the cosigner removed.

Can a cosigner be removed from a vehicle title before the signer declares bankruptcy?

Yes, they can be removed from the title although there isn't much point to the action if the vehicle is subject to BK seizure. However it is not possible to be removed from the loan agreement. The cosigner will likely be obligated to pay the outstanding debt.

If you are a cosigner on an auto loan for a family member who has not made payments is there any way to remove your name from the loan?

You need to talk to the lender to see if you can get taken off the loan. The reason they required her to have a consigner was exactly for this possibility. Sometimes, a lender may allow a cosigner to be removed, but it's reasonable to say that would only be if the primary has made timely payments as agreed for a reasonable period of time and improved their credit worthiness to where the lender could feel the cosigner is no longer providing any actual needed protection. That would not seem to be the case at all here.

Are there legal options that a cosigner can use to be removed from an auto loan?

No, a cosigner can only be relieved of the financial obligation by a refinancing of the loan agreement without them being a participant.

In New Jersey can a cosigner be removed from the deed without signing the quitclaim deed form?

The obligation of being a cosigner and the inclusion of the person's name on a deed are two different issues. Being removed from a deed does not relieve the cosigner of the financial obligation of the loan. In addition, a quit claim to property is usually necessary, the action needed depends upon the laws of the state where the property is located.

If you refinance a loan to have the cosigner removed and the cosigner has the car how do you go about getting the car from them if the loan and title are now in your name only?


Can a cosigner be removed from mortgage loan?

No. The loan must be paid off and you must refinance without the co-signer.

If you want to get off of a loan as cosigner can you just sign a document saying you are no longer responsible for the car loan and that the other party is?

No. The only way to be removed as a cosigner is for the loan to be refinanced assuming the lender will allow that to happen.

How long does it take for a speeding warning ticket to be removed from your record in Minnesota?

In ALL states your driving record is FOREVER. It is a complete record of your drivers license and for history purposes, it never 'goes away.'

If your husband's license was suspended 7 yrs ago for DWI and he does not have a license now do you have to tell your insurance company They only asked for licensed drivers?

My educated guess would be no. If they only asked for valid licensed drivers in the family, and he does not posses a valid license, then you are answering the question truthfully. However if they ask has anyone in the family ever had a license, then you would have to fess up and confess that, yes he used to have a valid drivers license. I also believe that all states now go back 10 years on a drivers record to determine criminal penalties for future offenses and fines, and for insurance rates. Every offense is removed from your driving record after a 10 year period, but still shows up on your record even though judges and insurance companies are not suppose to incriminate or base any decisions on offenses over and beyond the 10 year period. If you want to believe that, then why are the old offense not removed from your file completely, hmmm.

If A license was suspended IN CALIFORNIA due to child support issuES ONCE they garnish my wages CAN I get my license back?

I had the same problem. I want to court in California and filed an ex parte action to reinstate the California drivers license. I went before the Judge and told him that I could not work if I didn't have a drivers license and he removed the suspension. I did this all in "pro per" or without a lawyer. The price of the plane ticket and filing fee was all it cost. The family law ficilatator in the court will help you fill out the forms.

If the primary goes to jail can your name be taken off of the loan?

No, a cosigner or co-borrower can only be removed from the obligation of the debt by refinancing.

How can someone be released from cosigning a mortgage loan without ruining their credit?

The only way to be removed from the obligation of cosigner is for the loan to be refinanced.

How do you get your name off of an auto loan that you cosigned on if other party cannot get another loan and has nobody willing to take over as cosigner?

A cosigner cannot be removed from the debt obligation except by a refinancing of the loan without the original cosigner's participation.

Can a primary be removed from a loan?

That will have to be arranged between the lender and the co-signor. The only way to remove anyone from a loan is to have the person being removed sign verifying that they want to be removed AND whoever will be left on (or added to) the loan must reapply for the loan on their own. This means, if the cosigner does not have good enough credit, then either the primary must stay on the loan or (if the loan is backed by collateral such as a car or house) then the collateral can be sold to a third party. In which case, of course, the primary and cosigner will be removed.

How old do you have to be to get your motorcycle license in Texas?

At 15 you can get a license restricting you to 250cc or less. At 16 that restriction will be removed.

If you were to cosign for a rental agreement how will your credit be affected and how does one get removed as cosigner?

The way it may impact on the credit report depends on if the person pays the rent as agreed. It will also play a part in the cosigner's DTI. Usually the only way of being removed as a cosigner is if the agreement is reaffirmed by the primary holder and the lender. In the instance of rental agreements, a cosigner can sometimes be relieved of obligation if there is a breach of contract. For example, if the person moves someone not on the original rental contract into the apartment.

Do points get removed from your license for no registration?

not if you have a commy or straya mattte.

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