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If the custodial parent wants to drop the child support is she able to and if so what does she have to do?


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No she can not drop child support. But she can go and get a prosage package. That reduces the amount of money he has to pay for child support. If you don't want him to pay child support at all then why don't he pay it and you give it back to him yourself the next time you guys see each other.

She can visit her local domestic relations office. There is a form (i can't recall the name of it) that the plaintiff completes to state she no longer wishes to receive child support from the defendent. Or depending on the situation you can request that the noncustodial parent relinquish his rights to the child.

An attorney told me that after my wife and I divorced she could write me receipts stating that I had paid her. That way the non-custodial parent is in the clear from back support if anyone should change their mind.

Yes, in Michigan a mother or father can stop child support payments that is owed to them, but not what is owed to the state. They simply would have to go to the FOC office and fill out a form or just write out on paper. The father should be aware that the referre or judge will try to convince the mother not to do so.


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User Avatar all means yes they can. If the custodial parent no longer wants child support from non-custodial parent the custodial parent must petition the court to end the order. The order must be signed by a judge. However ended the support will zero out any late payments also.

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It doesn't matter what the child wants. If they still live with the custodial parent, child support must still be paid. If the child changes residences via court ordered custody modification, a motion to modify support based on that should be made at the same time.

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Child support and visitation are two separate issues. The custodial parent can file a suit for child support but cannot deny the non custodial parent custodial or vistation rights is said parent wants those rights. That being said, the non custodial parent can file for custody or visitation regardless of whether the child support issue is addressed or not. Such matters are decided by the court if the parents cannot find an equitable solution.

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They can't simply "give the child to you." You need to return to the court and have the custody order modified so you'll have legal custody. It will go easier if the current custodial parent consents to the modification. At that time the current support order should be terminated and you can request child support if you wish.

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