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If the daughter gets pregnant is her father ordered to pay child support on her child?

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No. The father of the pregnant daughter has no legal obligation to support her child. That responsibility belongs to the biological father of the unborn child assuming that the pregnancy is not terminated nor the child placed for adoption or parental rights terminated by the court.

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Does father still pay child support if daughter is pregnant?

If she is married, no. If she is unmarried, yes.

Does a father have to continue paying child support on a daughter who is pregnant?


If the daughter gets pregnant does the father pay support on her child to in Indiana?

The father of the unborn child is obligated to pay child support once parentage is established through the voluntary acknowledgement of the male or by an order of the court. The father of the pregnant daughter has no legal obligation to support her child, but does have a legal obligation to support her until she reaches the age of majority for the state in which she resides or the terms of a standing child support order are completed, amended or rescinded.

Does a father have to pay child support to the mother if their underage boy gets a girl pregnant?

Yes. In addition, he could also be ordered to pay additional support for the grandchild.

How can the father avoid paying the court ordered child support?

He can't avoid court ordered child support.

Do I still pay support for pregnant 17 year old daughter and she lives with babies father?

not if she moved out of the mothers house

What rhymes with a unhappy father?

a pregnant daughter.

If the daughter gets pregnant does the father pay support on her child too in Indiana?

No, an obligated parent is only responsible for the support of his or her own biological or adopted child. The father of a pregnant minor is not financially responsible for her unborn child. However, the father of the unborn child is responsible for its support, even if he is a minor. The individual circumstances and the laws of the state will determine the extent of his obligations.

How do you get child support if the father is not legal?

He can still be ordered to pay. But, if you were the father, than nothing.

Can the father of the child be ordered to quit school to support his child?


What rights do parents have regarding their 15 year old pregnant daughter?

Only the pregnant female can legally make decisions regarding the baby. She and the father are the ones deciding what will happen after birth. You have the right to support her as before. The father and your daughter will have to pay for their child. So basically nothing has changed for you regarding your rights.

How could I receive the back child support that my daughter father have not paid.?

If he is paying you directly - and it was ordered by the court - you will have to go to court to file a motion for contempt with the judge that ordered the support payment. Once that has been adjudicated, you will probablay be able to get an order to garnish his salary (if employed) or to place a lien against him or his property.

What is that movie where the mom and the daughter both get pregnant and the daughter has a fight with her boyfriend?

Father of the Bride part 2?

Daughter now lives with father I have her everyother weekend The judge didn't modify the child support does the father still have to pay me?

Yes, if you feel the need to not support your daughter and take away from her.

If a 16 old girl is pregnant does her father stop paying child support to the mother and can the 16 year old collect child support from the boyfriend in the state of kansas boyfriend is 18yrs old?

No and No.This is ludicrous at the very best. The father is paying child support because of a court ordered decree when he and his ex-spouse ended their marriage. The father continues paying until the daughter attains the age of 18. To expect the 16 year old boy (also a child in a legal sense) to pay child support is ridiculous and beyond belief.

Can child support from a divorced father be stopped if the underage daughter becomes pregnant?

No. Child support is an active order of the court and the obligated parent should not cease paying as ordered regardless of the change of circumstances. To do so would leave the obligated parent in a position to be charged with contempt of a standing court order and subject to penalties including the possibility of incarceration.

If the child lives with father but the mother received custody in the divorce does father still pay the mother child support?

If the divorce ordered the father to pay support, he owes that support until/unless the order is modified.

Is courteney cox pregnant?

No she is not pregnant. She already has a daughter named Coco. Coco's father is David Arquette.

Can a pregnant mistress file charges to the father of his child for lack of support?

Yes, the father of the child is obligated to provide support.

If your daughter is 20 years old pregnant not living at home and in school can a father emancipate her from paying his x child support?

Your child's conduct is not an issue in paying child support. Not all kids make good decisions, but they still deserve support. You may be successful in having the support order modified to pay it directly to your daughter.

Can your sons father get in trouble for not paying childsupport?

It depends. Assuming the courts have ordered child support, then not paying child support violates that order and the father can be arrested.

Does a father still have to pay child support on his 17 year old daughter when her mother gave her permission to get married?

Unless the daughter is still living with her mother, the father might be able to get the court to terminate support on the grounds that the daughter is emancipated.

How can you help your father get off child support if your under age?

You can't. Child support is court ordered and family services handles payments. The money is to support children your father has produced. It is his obligation to pay the support.

Can you still go after the father for back pay child support if your child is moved out?

Yes. Arrears associated with court ordered child support can be pursued.Yes. Arrears associated with court ordered child support can be pursued.Yes. Arrears associated with court ordered child support can be pursued.Yes. Arrears associated with court ordered child support can be pursued.

Do you have to continue to pay child support it your 16 year old daughter is pregnant in the state of AZ?

Yes of course. Pregnancy does not emancipate her and you are obligated to care for her until she is 18. She and the father will have a hard enough time to support the child, they do not need to support themselves.