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SOMETIMES you can get the window to work one time by jaring the motor by hitting the inside of the door with your hand pretty hard about 6 inches from the bottom and toward the center of the door. This may make it work one time.

I was able to close my window by helping lift the window with my hand while intermittently activating the switch. If this works a little then stops before the window is all the way up, wait a few minutes to let the window motor cool then try again.

Cut a piece of wood approximet 16 inches long about 3/4 inches square take the three screws out holding the motor in then reach in and shove the window all the way up jam the piece of wood on the bottom or the window track and slide the bottom into the door frame and tighten the wood along the framing until it gets tight thanks Wayne

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Q: If the electric window motor went out in a 1992 Chevy G20 conversion van is there any way to close the window until the motor is replaced?
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It is in the door. I suggest you take it to a trim shop to have it replaced.

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pop the clips that are holding the Electric window switch and pull the switch out replace it and place it back in with the clips. if you broke the clips you will have to replace them. they only cost 1.05 at Chevy shop....

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98 Chevy Lumina What would cause the brake lights not to work but the one in the rear window still works?

its either a fuse, or the turn signal switch needs to be replaced

Why did your driver side window in your 2002 Chevy Impala stop working?

If it is just the driver side window and button, more than not the master control switch needs to be replaced. It could also be the window moter or reg. Either way its around $100 if its just the switch that's bad.

How do you change the windshield of an '88 Chevy Celebrity?

It takes a person to change it and not break it. TAke it to the auto trim shop. I use to have a '79 Volare coupe that needed the rear window replaced. Took it to a salvage yard. Not only did they have the window, but they replaced it themselves. It only cost me 35 dollars total for both the part, and labor.

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hi there i had this problem with my 1988 van, the window would work when the door was open but not with the door closed, i found that the main power wire in the rubber water proof seal, where the door opens. the power cable had gotton old and hardened i removed this wire inside the van to the switch in the door and replaced it with another wire of the same thickness after doing that it worked fine and i have had no problems since. it is possible that if it does not work with door open or closed then the window motor itself is siezed and needs to be replaced or refurbished hope this helps you nate

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