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If the headlights on a 1998 Concorde LXi do not come on with the switch but all lights work with highbeams could this be a fuse problem or a switch?


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2015-07-16 18:31:34
2015-07-16 18:31:34

I would check first to make sure both bulbs are good, sometimes one is out and we do not notice then the other blows and we think some thing is wrong with the circuit. I can't see it being a fuse as you have high beams. Sometimes you can look at the bulb and see if the element is still intact. There will be solid parallel wires with a smaller wire running between them this is the one that usually goes. If it is a 4 light system it each bulb will have one and a 2 light system each bulb will have two. Even if intact still replace at least one with a known good bulb then if it still doesn't light then check all connection then get a wiring diagram on switch and test switch.


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I am having the same problem with a 1994 model. The high beam indicator is also on. I believe it is related to the daytime running lights because when I turn on the headlights the lights get brighter. As I understand it daytime running lights are the highbeams at about 50% power. I need to find where that relay is and test/replace it. wish me luck...

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yes, it's your day time running lights. should be a fuse for it in your relay box under the hood.

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I have a friend with the same problem. There is a control module that works the highbeams, and running lights. I don't know where it is, or what it's called, but that's likely the problem. The auxillary lights are controlled by a relay. The relay has 3 or 4 wires connected to it. One goes to the high beam side of the headlights. One goes to constant power. One goes to the lights. If there is a fourth wire, it is a ground. These lights are supposed to be only on when the headlights are on high beam mode. The relay pulls power for the auxillary lights directly from the battery. The relay is only activated when the headlights are on high beam mode. Check the wiring.

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