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There is a hot/cold cross connection at one or more of the faucets at you house. make sure all faucets are shut off both hot and cold. If it still occurs more than likely you have a Moen faucet somewhere (most likely).

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You are more than likely correct. Try draining the water heater to remove any sediment.

Because both sides of your sink are connected to a common drain line, and the common drain line is slow.

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We had the same problem. If you have low water pressure coming into your house this will affect the amount of water going into your ice maker.

If the water is coming from the main, it should not be dirty. If it comes from the cold water storage tank in the loft, maybe it needs to be cleaned or covered.

No water at all? from the cold side?,, Valve is off. Water is working but hot?,, The lines are connected together someplace.

The only place water should be coming out is from the AC condensation drain.

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It could be coming from your heater core, may need to repair or replace it.

It means the inside of your Hot Water Tank is starting to rust. If it is an electric tank, shut the power off and the water feed and open the drain at the bottom to drain the tank. Open the hot side of faucets in the house to drain all the hot water. When all the water is drained, close the faucets opened, close the drain, fill up the hot water tank. Go upstairs, unscrew the aerators and slowly open the hot side of faucets to drain the air until you have full flow of water. When all air is purged from the system it is ONLY then that you should turn the breaker for the HWT back on. If the air is not purged and the tank is not completely filled with water, you risk burning out the elements. For a gas tank, shut the gas off and do the same as above except for the electrical. Then fire up the gas after.

I had the same problem with our TB. It is connected to the water pump. Have your water pump replaced and your problem will be solved. Water pump cost approx. $80

On the drivers side (Australia)/ passenger side (America) at the back on the bottom of the engine. The main belt it connected to it.


Open your hood and look at the front of your engine. There is a pulley connected to your power steering pump on the right side of your engine. It has hoses coming out of it. If you look below it your alternator should be there. It has a smaller pulley connected to it.

It's rust sediment from where the water has been shutoff. More information is needed such as does it come from the hot side, or cold side? If it's the hot side, it could be your anode rod on your water heater. If it's the cold side, it's rust, and the pipe would have to be replaced. Could be someone used a black iron nipple in the bathtub/shower piping.

The inlet valve is shut off on the cold water feed side or your mixing valve or tempering (if you have one has failed.

The side where On Coming Traffic is coming - It's the Safest.

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