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K, you can deliver the car to the lender OR you can look at it. There is a reason WHY they wont pick it up. Does it run? Is it wrecked? Is it worth P/U? I suspect it is NOT. Whatever happens , you WILL pay the balance. Your best option is to make some kind of payment arrangements with the lender. Large or small, send something on a regular basis. Good Luck

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Q: If the lender refuses to pick up the car and still wants you to pay the balance what do you do?
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David, you can give her the car IF she wants it and will pay for it. She does NOT have to accept it. if she is wise, she WILL take it and try to sell it to get it off both your credit line. If she refuses to pay,camt sell it, it will be repoed and the lender will sue you after it sells.

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