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Check the fuses then check the bulbs then check the swicth

Headlights usally have a fuseable link.High & Low work off the same link.I would use a 12 volt Test Light & C if U are getting 12 volts 2 the LOW Beam wire @ the connector on the Bulb,U should have 12 volts 2 one wire on low & 12 volts on both wires when on HIGH-The other wire is a ground. Check that by hooking the test light wire(clamp)2 a hot & the light should light if u touch a good ground.

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โˆ™ 2015-07-16 18:28:53
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Q: If the low beams on a 1995 Ford Aerostar are not working but the high beams are is it likely that both bulbs need to be replaced or is it the switch?
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Replaced headlite bulb still not working whats next?

There could be a switch that has gone bad in the headlight. The entire assembly will more then likely need to be replaced.

Your power windows stopped working in your 1996 Aerostar how do you fix it?

it depends if it is the switch or the motor, get a repair manual from a part store.

What could cause headlights to quit working on a 1994 ford aerostar van?

There are several possibilities; headlight switch, headlight breaker or fuse, connectors, dimmer switch.

Right turn signal not working for 92 Chevy lumina?

A turn signal not working on a 92 Chevy Lumina may be out because of a burnt out bulb. If you replace the bulb and it is still not working, the turn signal switch may need to be replaced. You can get the switch replaced by a mechanic.

How do you jumper the window switch to get the window to come go up on a 1991 Ford Aerostar?

If you press the switch and hear the motor running, the the gear kit needs to be replaced. If you do not hear it, look at the dome light and see if it dims when you press the switch. If it does then you have a bad motor.

Door ajar is not working on Mazda mpv?

The door switch is bad. I have replaced the drivers side door switch on mine for the same reason.

Where is the fuel pump inertia switch on a ford aerostar?

I have a 1995 Aerostar and the switch is on the passenger side, inside the door, down below the dash, behind the moulding. Hopes that this helps.

Hyundai wipers not working replaced motor still not working any ideas where to check next?

i would check if you have power to the motor from the switch

What is the problem with a 1999 Riviera if the turn signals are not working even after all lights and the flasher have been replaced?

It's either in the wiring but more likely in the turn signal switch (in the steering column) itself.

Where is the fuel pump reset switch on a 1993 Ford Aerostar XL?

On the 1989 Aerostar it is under the dash near the passenger door.

How do you fix power switch on desk top computer?

It is likely a microswitch and not repairable. It should be replaced or bypassed.

Where is the flasher relay for a 1995 Ford Aerostar?

The signal/four way flasher relay is mounted beside the fuse panel. The four way flasher is incorporated in the signal/wiper switch. Dust can accumulate in the four way flasher switch and then stop working, use a contact cleaner spray and the switch start working again.

94 AEROSTAR no headlights I replaced the headlight switch no help checked the bulbs checked good checked the fusible link on the stater relay but there was no fuse in the harness now where do i go?

I would go to the high beam switch next (test not replace)

Driver side power window is ok but the passenger side is not working on 1989 aerostar motor and regulator is fine what else could be wrong?

Hi, The problem with your pass side window is the drivers side power window switch. I have had this same problem on my 1993 Aerostar.

Just replaced multifunction switch in 1998 Lincoln navigator because turn signals were not working Turn signal still not working What is the problem?

Did you happen to check the turn signal flasher before you installed the switch?

Why is 98 ford contour blower motor not working?

Control switch on the dash needs to b replaced perhaps?

How hard is it to replace a clock switch in a 1994 Ford Aerostar?


Why would your ford aerostar start 2 times then not for a few hours Full battery power lights bright no dimming when turning key replaced relay started 1 time then nothing?

Bad starter? Bad neutral switch? ignition switch?

Where is the inertia switch on a Ford Aerostar van 93?

I have a 93 and my switch is behind the passenger side kick panel.

Where is the fuel cutoff switch on a 1992 ford aerostar?

I have a 93 and my switch is behind the passenger side kick panel.

1988 ford aerostar no start problem I have had the ignition modual tested replaced the coil replaced the distributor cap and rotor and stil no spark please help?

replace wire from coil to distributor or inertia switch lower side panel under glove box.

Why are your brake lights and hazard lights not working on a 99 Chevy turn signals and top brake light is working fine?

turn signal switch needs replaced!

Where is the ford aerostar liftgate ajar switch?

It is attached to the liftgate latch assembly.

How do you reset the fuel shutoff switch on your 93 ford aerostar?

ask a technition

Replaced new washer pump and it still not working for a wrangler?

If a washer pump was replaced on a Jeep Wrangler and is still not working the fuses should be checked. The washer switch should also be checked as it could also be causing the pump not to work.