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If the serpentine belt broke on a 1996 Lincoln Continental how do you install a new one?


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2015-07-16 19:30:34
2015-07-16 19:30:34

More importantly, why did it break? Before you install one, spin each pulley and feel for binding or no movement. Also check for serpentine belt tensioner being cocked or loose. Eye up the pullies to make sure something did not come out of alignment. IF you find something please post it. Oh yeah, there should be a diagram on a sticker somewhere in the engine compartment.

I won a 1996 Lincoln Continental and am replacing the belt and water pump, gotta love Ford, guess they didnt think that routing sticker for the belt was necessary. There isn't one anywhere under the hood.

Try looking up, I have a 96 Lincoln Continental and it is on the hood itself by the latch.


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did you figure out how to get it done? Mine has broke as well...

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The AC compressor was locked on my Sonata 2004 - V6-2.7. The original serpentine belt broke. I bypassed it with a Duralast 6PK1700 (OLD NO. 670K6). The autotensioner has to be removed to install the belt.

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you have too take the front motor mount loose and lift the engine to install it

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just one thing, don't go to Canadian tire to replace it. you need somebody who knows Lincoln. They broke my table when trying to remove the ball joint on my 1999 cont 4,6 lit.

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