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Without any other info I'd say you have a bad headgasket or a cracked head/block.

Generally oil has to be pressurized to show up in coolant, or the reverse would be true and you'd have coolant in the oil also making it milky white.

So... oil is leaking from somewhere pressurized to coolant.. Pressurized oil only comes up to the head in one passage, and that has likely developed a leak to the nearest coolant passage, most likely through a bad head gasket.

This is more likely if it's been recently overheated.

Some vehicles have an internal oil cooler located in the radiator. If this cooler has a leak then you will get oil in your radiator. If the fluid inside the radiator is a pinkish, reddish color the it would be the internal transmission dooler in the radiator

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Q: If there is oil in radiator not in block what is the problem?
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What is the purpose of the oil hose going from block to radiator and back to another hose to block?

Some vehicles run oil line through the radiator for cooling, instead of using seperate oil cooler, which just looks like a mini radiator.

What causes oil in the radiator?

hi, blown head gasket, cracked head or block or automatic transmission oil cooler in radiator leaking

What do you do when you find oil residue in the radiator of your '85 Ford Ranger?

what do you mean what to do? do you want to have an idea of what it could be? it could be the transmition fluid cooling lines(tank) that sometimes are located inside your radiator. if the lines leak you will find "oil" in your radiator. if that is not your problem then either a head gasket or a crack engine block.

Why is there water from my radiator in my oil and oil in my water in the radiator?

You have a blown headgasket or cracked cylinder head/engine block. It can also be a leak at the oil cooler. Its at the oil filter mounting, check that 1st.

Why is there oil in the radiator of your 1999 plymonth breeze?

Usually oil in the radiator or coolant in the oil is either a blown head gasket or a cracked head or block. Most often it is the gasket.PatPortland, OR.

My'95 Saturn SC1 was overheating all the oil was in the radiator no water was in the oil I flushed it however the oil continues to build in the radiator Is this a head gasket problem?

sounds like you have a cracked head or cracked block.however, i would check to make sure it is not transmission oil and thereby ruling out a radiator problem

Why does your 1993 ford truck 7.3 diesel turbo have oil in radiator?

leaking oil cooler or headgasket, or block

Is there a problem if there is grease on the underside of the radiator cap?

Probably getting oil in the radiator from transmission cooler that runs through one side of the radiator, outside chance of head gasket problem.

Where is the knock sensor in a 2000 Monte Carlo SS?

The knock sensor is located on the front (radiator) side of the engine block above the oil filter The knock sensor is located on the front (radiator) side of the engine block above the oil filter

If there are tiny bubbles coming out from your radiator when radiator cap is open and have oil leak problem coming from valve gasket are they related?

no, they are not related. tiny bubbles that make the radiator "foam up" is the result of exhaust gas leaking into the radiator. causes are blown head gasket, cracked cylinder head or cracked block. hth

Can you drive your car with oil in the radiator?

Sure you can drive it but, you need to ask yourself, why is there oil in the radiator? If you did not pour oil in the radiator then you have a problem. Most likely cause is a blown head gasket. This is extremely serious, and will destroy the engine if not repaired.

Oil water is mixing but its not the head radiator or gasket?

You may have a cracked block on an inner wall.

What can cause oil to get into radiator?

Cracked Head Cracked block Blown headgasket Failed oil cooler (water over type)

Can you just plug the oil cooling lines at the radiator and engine block and not replace the lines?

The cooling radiator needs to be used to keep the oil from overheating. If the lines are plugged, the engine could be ruined.

Why do I have Oil in the radiator 1995 grand marquis?

there could be a leak in the oil cooler or maybe a head gasket or a cracked block. Is there every any water in the oil?

Where is the engine block drain plug on a 1997 Mitsubishi Galant?

i personally have never heard of an engine block plug.could you be talking about an oil plug located on the oil pan or there is another plug on the radiator.

If there is oil in the radiator of a 92 Camry v6 and head gaskets arent blown what could be the problem?

Cross contamination of transmission fluid within the radiator. Replace the radiator.

What causes Oil in the radiator 7.3 diesel not in the oil pan. Could it be the oil cooler in the radiator or something else besides a head gasket?

it is most likely the oil cooler on the left side of the block you can get the parts from ford its a dirty job but fairly easy

Where is the oil filter located on a 1994 BMW 325i?

It is located in the oil filter housing, that is located under the hood in front of the engine block by the radiator.

How long can you drive with oil leading into the radiator?

Oil in the radiator indicates a possible severe problem, where coolant could also leak into the oil. Driving an engine in this situation at all could lead to severe engine damage.

Why is 95 Volkswagen jetta running hot it's not the thermostat?

im not very knowledgable with volks but there may be a water pump problem, or a radiator problem,is the radiator circulated the cool water from iit to the block that has hot water in it?

You have just noticed oil in your radiator of your E46 318i any clue of how oil would migrate there?

Oil in the radiator on any vehicle is a sign that there is a blown head gasket. This includes the E46 318i motor. Oil in the radiator is also a sign that the block is cracked. Either way, it is a major issue that needs to be addressed before the engine quits completely.

Where is the oil filter located on a 1992 Chevy Beretta?

Assuming it's the ever-common 3.1 liter V6, it should be on the front of the block between the radiator and the block.

Why does my car get hot high?

usually due to Engine Oil problem. or even the radiator has problem like no water inside or it is broken

What does it mean when you smell gas in radiator?

That usually means that you have exhaust gasses dissolved in your radiator coolant; generally indicative of a head gasket problem or a cracked head (or block for that matter).