If there was thick white stuff in your vaginal area after heavy bleeding following a big blood clot was it a miscarriage?

Yes I'm sorry to say but it was a miscarriage and that big blood clot that came out was most likely baby. The same thing happen to my friend because some girl kicked her in her stomach and she had a miscarriage. She said she had a big blood clot come out when she had her miscarriage.

I had a D&C at 9 weeks after we found out the baby was no longer alive. The D&C removed the Fetus but not all of the "material" so, two days later I had HORRIBLE cramps and huge Clumps fell out of me. The clumps were almost as big as my fist. This happened 4 or 5 times. So, unless I was having Quads, I don't think the Clot was the baby. Doctors say the fetus is usually grayish tissue, and some people say they could see the baby.

It could also be that you were ovulating and a period took place, but also, yes it could have been a miscarriage...If the clot was a light gray-or-off-white color and a little transparent...