If two lights bulbs burned out inside the dashboard of a Toyota Sienna 2000 is it worth replacing them all since it is such a big task to remove dashboard and if so how many light bulbs are there?

Hi we've had several lights out for a while but the guy at the dealer said that they'd have to rip the whole dashboard out just to replace two little inexpensive l.e.d. lights and the labor would be VERY expensive. So, we suffer with the inconvenience until something else goes wrong and the dashboard HAS to come off. This may not help but I'm sure if you check the dealer they can give you an estimate of time/labor vs part cost.

hd- 6/21/09- I changed my instrument bulbs on my 200 Sienna and it was easy. Only 3 screws. Please see my notes at:

How do you disassemble the dashboard of a 2000 Toyota Sienna