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If viewers want to send some ideas or questions to the WWE how would they do it?


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2015-07-16 19:29:37
2015-07-16 19:29:37

I think that if you want to do so, buy a wrestling magazine and write to them. Because I am not too sure if you can contact Jim Ross or Vince McMahon. Even wrestlers are hard to reach. Most times when a wrestler answers a question, it is not him but some guy in charge of the scenarios who answers your questions. Some guys do it like Foley, Taker, Kane and some other guys. But guys like Orton or Michaels are really hard to reach.

Try to write to some of the guys that work for McMahon and not McMahon himself.

You can send them feedback at they will not use it though. vince russo admitted he used to go to the wwe chatrooms and listen to fan ideas without them knowing he was in there. its funny but true, when lance storm was the 1st wcw guy to show up on raw in 2001 after the big purchase, it was already known by Internet marks that the July ppv, invason would be wwe vs wcw. however, my friend and i said in the wwe chatroom that they should put ecw in the mix and make every match a 3 way dance. this was like in April, 3 months before the ppv and way before ecw came to raw. funny, they kinda listened to us when they put wcw and ecw together.


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