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Anything is possible I know people who were married and got divorced then years later they remarried again. I think it all depends on the age of the people and what point in their life they are. Just remember If you love somebody set them free and if they come back it was meant to be!

Answerhmmmmmm... i don't know but for some reason i might know who this is but anyways i'd say if you did love each other before but she said she don't love u anymore because u messed up badly i would say theres hope. thaaaat or she found a new boy and she likes him more then u now and so that makes her a horrible person but who knows, but like i said before theres hope just don't give up,give her space and in like 2 or 1 week later or more talk to her again adn show her the man she was attracted to before and said yes when you asked her out GOOD LUCK AND DONT GIVE UP...=) Answerhey but don't give up silent one and she might come back or if she does like another person you have to let it go now shes gone like the other one say,and you know you can get alot keep going until you cant go anymore. AnswerThey say theres plenty fish in the sea but, seeing all the writing people put on this question tells me something. There is plenty fish in the sea but this fish is to much of a good catch to let go.Try your best to get her back, if she said she loved you before then its possible but, I cant really garantee it'll be a 100% chance, but keep trying. goodluck friend! AnswerIt's possible,I mean if she did say she loved before then, it may look like there's no hope just cause she asked for space and broke up with you but there is cause she might regret it in the future and come back but if theres another guy she had her eyes on the whole time,then all i have to say is CURSE THE MOTHER***** OFF SHE'S NEVER LOVED YOU AND WAS JUST USING YOU!!! But, don't think that yet. Just wait awhile and give her some space too.It might help it might not but don't give up."If you love someone you would set them free if they come back it was meant to be" goodluck AnswerShe probly never had a true love before, shes probly really confused too.If you love her so much, you WILL give her space.Then when the time comes in a few weeks or so, show her how true love really work and, if you do get back with her START THINGS SLOW AGAIN,it WILL help her ALOT trust me. If she did loved you then, she will still have feelings for you and probly regret breaking up in the end and come back to you. She might be different then that but who knows. Just give her space and don't TALK to her for ahwile cause you'll bring more pain to her and kill her."STAND TALL AND SHAKE THE HEAVENS" wish you luck AnswerTheres probly hope just give her space O.K Answerthis is jessi im really sorry about what happen, I mean she loved you before so its possible to get her back its really difficult for us girls to break up,esspecialy when you loved him before girls like that don't let it go unless they think the guy is really bad make sure you tell her about what happen with your godfahther ummm...your ex-girlfriend..iknow it hard to endure but if you told her all this she might understand what happen to you in the past hat made you this way.Now i know that you r not that type of person to hurt a girls feelings(exept if u don't want to be with her and u make her mad just to let her go like you love to do alot )tell her htat YOU used to be in band with your ummm...ex.girlfriend...and show her that you want to start things again with her and show her your true feelings sbout her and care about her.If she know how you feel about her thin she might need some space to understand and recuparate and to get everything out of her system.I know it hurts but you got to let her go right now let her be free let her have fun with her funs if you see her happy and not paying any attention to you quit thinking that she doesn't care because behind her big fat smile lies feelings she has for you.If she doesn't walk up to you and talk to you don't take that personal either like i said she want her space from you right now.I bet you guys are always together all the know we kinda get tired of are boyfriends being there EVERYTIME so give her this space and don't talk to her much let her talk to you insted if she feels like it.don't force her to do anything try to later on in a month and ask her to do somethin with you if she isn't super busy but NO MOVIES!!!!try somewhere plain like a coffe shop or the mall.don't give up i got the picture of u and your girlfriend she looks like a sweet girl and will probly tell u herself in the future that she doesn't want to start again anymore if she didnt say that then your good but if she did say to let go don't give up just GIVE HER THE SPACE ALREADY. AnswerI'd say its possible like miss jessi said its really hard for us to break up with someone we love so much and we useally come back to them in the future.i went out with a boy and it was a long term relation(5 months or more are considered long term)and we bothed love each other so much.I had many wierd things happen like, signs about are relation.Signs that show about regreting things and break ups.It was really wierd but i wasnt concerned about it much so i went on with my life with him.then he started to cahng in a few months and wwe start having arguments alot and he hurt my heart so many time but i still loved him.but one day i couldn't take it anymore and broke up with him.he was sad and he would always come to me everyday and ask me back i just said im sorry but i don't feel confortable with are relation.then i said that i don't love him anymore that's what probly got him K.Oed but he still kept telling me that he want to start over and show you that he isn't the mean person i had to go trough but ikept say know and let it the other day i would just ignore him and don't talk to anymore but he still kept comin to me and talking to i just keep ignoring him and stuff all happy with my buddys and all.until oneday i was at home thinking for a sec about him so for some reason my ex-boyfriends favorite song was on. i started looking at are pictuers and looked at the special jewelry he gave me and i started think "what have i done to him i hurt his feelings to much and i never talked to him much about it either"i thought to myself about the gresat times we had and said "if i go out with him again those great stuff might happen again but better sense he knows more about me"so i called him to talk to him. he said in lest then 5 secs that he had to go and hangee up.i felt sad so i found him in school and we talked alot and so i asked him if its to late to come back. he looked at me with a sad face and said "i don't love you anymore"and walked off.......that hurt but i deserve it cause i acted the same to monthe he had a new 20 years old i have a new boyfriend but im cursed everyday now cause hes always in my mind.i should of payed more attention to those signs a came across during are im talling you that she might make mistake and come back just wait until she give everything back that was special to her in the relation.don't give up give her space and if she doesn't talk to much don't take it the wrong way we just think it might help but i doesn't.but don't try to get her to talk to you just be patient. Goodluck Answeri think its possible if she keeps refusing to go to places with you or if she never talks to you during school then theres a really low chance and shes probly considered a bad person at that too or the "he's ugly and im tired of this guy im to good for this one"type of girl is probly in her head but if she really is that "sweet" girl jessi said then she might tell you the truth don't make her angry cause if she gets angry at you theres a chance that u might get angry with her wicth would really lower the chance don't think about this stuff.just remember the times you've been through together and a relation like this shouldn't be broken so easily."IF" you guys get back "IF" i said,then i would suggest you start things slow again cause it'll start bringing back the great times and so a great relation is formed again.don't start things to fast cause they might start losing intrest and might feel bad doing stuff like that now.that's how thw whole "break up" and "come back" stardegy works and stays good until they go separate ways or if the guys a jerk and never showed the old times and makes more arguments then she deserves to break up with you email me and tell me hows it go for.some reason this type of relation is very intersting and i want to know what happen ill give you the email in the postal forum. best of luck! AnswerWoW im confused she said she loved you but she doesn't love you but likes you??Kinda odd to say to a guy but I guess shes just very confused then.Just give her some time to recharge and wait until a month or so then just ask her to go to a public type place and talk about the relation a bet but not the whole time.That's all I can tell you I hope this helps you. Stay strong and confident! AnswerCant really say if she doesn't love you,you must accept that even if it hurts alot.she's probly don't even like you to even start a relation again.Just go date other ones and show her that she made a big mistake.Jealosy is such a powerful weapon but us boys can endure are jealosy a little better so if she grabs a boy and shows him to you and keeps talking about him show her how you feel and teach her what happens to boys when a girl wont exept the feelings they had for them. keep on truckin there son AnswerShe is probly really confused right now and asks friends help but, asking friends can mess up your mind and make it worse for her.Theres nothing you can do about that just trust her if she broke up with you and ask for space but she wants to be freinds right now stay away from her and wait till she talks to you if she doesn't talk to you at all during the day or so then she only said that just for you to leave her alone.that's bad..really..bad..and evil to say as well.Shes confused so give her space to think things through and wait.ask her to go somewhere with you as a friend to talk about things that might help. Goodluck, Vincent AnswerTheres probly a 30-60% chance that she might come back its lower if she ignores you alot useally when people ignore the other one they like some other guy and they don't want to see you much because your like a mistake she made or something. Hey but don't lose hope maybe she really wants to recharge her feelings for you so give her some space.YOU should recharge your energy to it might help you the same. "IF YOU LOVE HER SET HER FREE,IF SHE COMES BACK IT WAS MEANT TO BE" AnswerOk,if she asked for space give it to her but if you don't give her space and keep bugging her all the time then she might get annoyed and lose even more intrest in you. Remeber,don't talk to her let her talk to you even if it takes awhile.Take some time by yourself like she's doin and gain your energy back as well then you will be ready when she talks to you again.Dont worry she will talk to you again but right now think about your self. AnswerI am stunned at some of the answers here.

You said in your question that she doesn't love you anymore and wants space. WHAT part of that is giving you hope?!? WHY would you want to be with someone who doesn't love you or want to be around you?

I just went through a really bad break up. I miss him like crazy. I miss him every day. Same thing. He didn't feel the same way anymore and wanted "space". My feelings didn't seem to matter. I tried for months to fix our relationship. Only I was the only one fixing or having the relationship and he finally ended it anyway. I still love him even though its been almost two months since the break up. But I DON'T want him back. I can't live my life proving my value to someone and half killing myself hoping to keep their love.

You deserve to be with someone who really does love you and wants to be with you. She should love you merely because you exist and not what you can do or be for her. Even if you have to be alone and without a girlfriend for a little while. DO NOT put all of your energy into getting this girl back. If she does come back, great, but if not, you cannot let it destroy you. You cannot make anyone love you. No matter how hard you try and no matter how much you want them to love you. I speak from experience here.

The pain you're feeling now is excruciating. I know. But you WILL get through this. You will be okay. Whether or not she returns. I'm not saying to totally give up hope. But do not spend your days and nights hoping that she will return. You have to go through your normal day to day life and keep yourself busy or else you will drive yourself nuts. Surround yourself with friends and keep busy and do NOT dwell on her or your past memories. Again, I promise you will get through this.

Answeryou don't know whats going to happen in the future maybe she might come back who knows.right now what you did is a very noble thing to do.i can tell that your heart is full of glory i guess your the type of guy who keeps on trying even if you get beat down by your pass you keep going. Answerummm if she asked for space maybe she just wants time to think about all the stuff that's happend and if its really worth comin back she didnt need to ask for space to break you know all she had to is say i don't love you anymore lets be freinds.well that's now how they should say but somethin like that im saying this in exp,if you can give her this space she might come back who knows right now if she said its over then don't force her to comeback.
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Q: If you've been in a relationship with your girlfriend for 9 months is there any possible way to get her back after she said she doesn't love you anymore and wants space?
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