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Moving out of you parents house at 17 is not always the best thing to do and sure not when you are pregnant. You need to talk to your parents and see how they feel about it all. You also need to answer this question yourself can I handle the resposability, finacialy and is my Boyfriends also up to it? If the answer is yes then go for it, but if you have to think about it Mam and Dad's home is the best place to be till you are able to be on your own. * Pregnancy does not emancipate a minor.

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What do it mean if youre boyfriend wants you to get pregnant?

He wants to have sex.

What does it mean when your boyfriend has a dream that youre pregnant with twins?

It doesn't mean anything.

Can you legally get married if youre pregnant and sixteen and your boyfriend is also sixteen in Ohio?

i think you cant. i think u need to be 20

Why can't you have a boyfriend?

i can have a boyfriend. some people arent allowed, though, because they are too young, or their parents do not think they are ready to have one. some parents wont cut the cord, if ya know what im saying. if you arent allowed, and you want a boyfriend, then sit your parents down and tell them why you think youre ready.

Can youre parents do anything if you get pregnant at sixteen?

Not regarding the fetus, that is up to you to decide. Before and after birth. They can however decide what will happen to you and send you to a home for pregnant teens if they choose to.

Does youre stomach still go in and out when you breathe if youre pregnant?

Yes. You still breathe normally while pregnant.

Could i be pregnant i have sore heavy breasts headachs back ach cramps feel very tired i came on my period 2 days early an it is different to my last one it is very light i feel i have a temperature.?

when you have your period, that means youre not pregnant. when you have your period, that means youre not pregnant. when you have your period, that means youre not pregnant. when you have your period, that means youre not pregnant.

You are 17years old and have a baby with your boyfriend who is 22years old can you married him?

If your parents allow it. If not, you have to wait til you're 18. (if youre in the US at least)

How do you tell from your period if your pregnant?

you miss youre period if your pregnant.

What is the legal age of moving out of your parents house in SC?

18 because if your 17 youre technically still a minor

How do you get a boyfriend in middel school?

youre too young for a boyfriend. wait until youre in high school. middle school guys are way to immature

Can you move out of your parents house at 17 and live in Tx?

well since youre young youre not old enough to take care of yourself yet ,but the only way is moving with an adult.

When youre eighteen years old can you move out?

Yeah you can if you have the money to pay for a house unless you your parents are willing to share the money.You and a friend could share a house.

How do you know if youre pregnant?

if you missed a period

Can you be pregnant if youre spotting and cramping?


Do you count the weekends when youre pregnant?


If im 16 and tell a doctor IM pregnant will they tell mY parents?

well if you're 16 and beautiful and you are a few months pregnant then yeah it is a possible chance they could tell your parents. because would you want your parents to find out later youre pregnant or just let the doctor tell them because either way they will find out eventually. so... am i the dad.

Can you have period pain if your pregnant?

yes. you can even have your period while youre pregnant

What can your parents stop you from doing when you turn 18?

nothing, youre an adult at 18. but if you still live in their house then they may still have curfew.

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What if you dream your boyfriend is vesting with your friend?

Dream that youre your friend!!!!!!!!

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Parliament house Canberra

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What does it mean if you dream what if your boyfriend is breaking up with you?

youre obviously tired of him.... normally you dream what youre thinking about before you fall asleep.

What if you dont get your period and youre not pregnant?

you could be chaning your cycle