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If you are 13 and like a guy in your homeroom how do you show him you are interested?

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Begin by talking with him. Good luck and God Bless:)

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How can a guy know that you like him even if you never show it?

Well, if you show no signs of liking him there really is no way he could know that you like him! Show him your interested!

How do you show a guy your interested in them enough to keep him interested?

just be yourself around him

How can you get a guy you like interested in you?

well you cant really get a guy interested in you, if a guy likes you he likes you and he will show you that he likes you, if not he wont make an effort. believe me I've been there soo many times. he may seem interested in you if you change yourself for him but if you have to change yourself for him then hes not interested in the real you. just be yourself, hang out with him, treat him like a friend.

How to get a guy you like interested in you?

The best way to get a guy interested in you is to always be yourself around him.

What if you liike a girl who's still interested in her ex-boyfriend?

If you like a girl who is still interested with her ex, then show her what kind of a guy you are. Show her your personality. When you see you and her clicking, ask her out and she just might forget her ex and try a new guy.

What if the guy you like had a crush on your best friend--who is not interested at all--and no one knows you like him?

You make yourself available and ask your friend to advertise you to show she is not interested, i guess.

What to do if you like a guy but you don't know if he likes you back?

you try and flirt with him to show him if he likes you back you are interested and yeah :)

How do you show a guy that you r interested in him?

u can show a guy u r interested in him by asking him out or just being nice to him and helping him out.You can also smile and talk to him alot

What should you do when you have a big crush on a guy but he is like a brother and you're not sure if he's interested?

You should show signs that you like him (flirt), and then if he shows you signs that he likes you back, then that means he must be interested.

How do you get a guy to like you for more than a friend?

Show him things he is interested in that you can do, for example if he likes hotly girls be a godly girl.

How do you get a hot shy guy to like you?

If he's shy, he may like you and not say anything. The way to get anyone to like you is to be interested in the same things they're interested in, and to listen when they talk. Get him to talk about whatever he's interested in and show how interested you are by paying attention and letting him talk instead of doing all the talking yourself.

What guy try to lift weights and from you and you know that he probably dont like you?

Well that's typically every guy. Even if their not interested in you they lift weights just to show how strong they are.

This guy like you what do you do?

Well if you don't like him tell him you're not interested in him, and if you are interested in him tell him you like him back, or you can just ignore him.

If a guy acted shy and then seemed interested what should you do?

Answer I a guy acted shy then seemed interested, perhaps you show him that you are interested. This is not the time to be shy, be bold, plant a wet kiss on his lips, he will follow you anywhere.

If there is a guy you have never spoken to what will he do to show that he likes you and what if his friends stare at you?

they just look at you and smile and show there interested

A guy says do you like me is he interested in you?

Yes, absolutely!

Would this guy I like and I think is interested in me too. If he is how likely is it that he'd have a dream about me?

There's this guy I like and I think is interested in me too. If he does like me, do you think it's likely that he'd have a dream about me?

You like a guy and he stares at you what does it mean?

he is interested in you at the very least(problay more than interested).

How can you tell some gay guy that you not interested in him?

Just about like that. Just tell him you know he is interested in you, but you are not interested. Thanks, but no thanks.

How do you get a guy to show that he likes you?

You have to show him you like him.

How do you know if a guy like you even though he doesn't show it?

Talk to him. If he is interested in talking to you, that is a good sign. Perhaps you can advance to sharing pizza together.

What actors and actresses appeared in Hollywood Homeroom - 2002?

The cast of Hollywood Homeroom - 2002 includes: Shayna Fox as herself Alex Hakobian as himself Guy Handelman as himself

What do you do when a guy asks you who you like and you like him?

Turn the tables & say "Why, are you interested" (or similar).

If a guy listens to your conversations does he like you?

no he might be interested in what you are saying

If a guy asks you who you like out of him and his friend does he like you or is he just bored?

Ha that is something I as a guy do alot to see if a girl is at least the slightest bit interested in me so it probably means they are interested in you