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If you are 15 and pregnant can your parents send you to another country away from the father?


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February 06, 2008 8:42PM

No, they cannot force you to leave especially if the father sues for custody. You can also check into being emancipated from your parents. Not to judge, since I was a single mom, but why are you sexually active at fifteen? If you don't have support from your parents, which I am guessing you don't going by your question, how are you going to take care of your child? Do you have older adults in your life that can help you or are your parents your only source of support. Are you planning on finishing school? That's also another reason they can't send you away, you have to be in school until you are at LEAST 16 years old in the US. ***** If you live in the US… Yes, they can. As your parents, they get to decide where you live, and they have every right to decide that you're going to live in another country. The fact that you're pregnant is irrelevant. Dad can sue for custody if they chooses, but that has nothing to do with you living out of the country (if the court grants him custody, you'd be ordered to return the child...and then your parents can send you right back). And whatever country you live in, I assume that you would be getting an education. There is no law that says you must receive your education in the US. Finally, no judge in any state is going to emancipate a 15-year-old and especially not a pregnant one.