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The legal age of majority in Alabama is 19. The state does have established emancipation laws, ARC Title 26, Chapter 13 "Relief Of Minor Children From Disabilities of Nonage".

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Q: If you are 17 and have a job and your GED can you move out in the state of Alabama?
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Where can you GED a job with out a GED?

you can get a job at a fast food restaurant but you have to have a reseme if you over 16....qood luck

Can I get a job for the state of Alabama?

There are many of online resource that can provide you with information about whether the State of Alabama has any available jobs. The Alabama State personnel department has an online employment system where you can search and apply for jobs.

Can you collect unemployment if you move quit your job and move out of state?

yes depending on the state

Is the GED good enough?

Yes, the GED is good enough to get into a college and to also get a job.

Where can I find free jobs in the State of Alabama?

To find a job at the State of Alabama, try calling various state agencies to see who is hiring. You may find the phone numbers for State agencies in the blue pages of the phone directory.

Do you qualify for unemployment if you quit your job and move out of state?


What are the advantages for an adult to obtain a GED?

One of the advantages for an adult to obain a GED is that is necessary to have a GED to be accepted into a technical college. It is also a requirement of many employers to have a GED before applying for a job.

Where can you get auto mechic job with a GED?


What if a seventeen year old gets pregnant is she considered an adult is she isn't in school?

no. you need to move out of your parents house, get a job or your GED, then get yourself emancipated

Is there any jobs that take GED?

Almost any job will accept a GED as proof of high school equivalency.

Would you be eligible for unemployment if you quit you job and moved to a different state?

First -- I am NOT a lawyer.As general rule, if you quit a job, you are not eligible for unemployment benefits. If you lose your job through no fault of your own, your eligibility will be determined by the rules of the state you move to. A period of residency may be required.can you collect unemployment if you quit your job to move out of state?what are the terms and conditions of collecting unemployment if you quit your job to move out of state?

Can I get a job at Verizon with a GED?

Yes you can get a job at Verizon's with a GED. Some qualifications are, you would need to have excellent people skills, very good at answering phones and receiving messages.

Is it hard to find jobs in the state of Alabama?

Depending on the job you desire to apply for, you may find it easy or hard to get a job within the state of Alabama. If one wants to apply to fast food restaurants it may be easier then getting jobs at places like a law firm or hospital.

Can you get unemployment if you have to quit your job to move out of state?

As each state has different employment laws, it depends on the state you work in and the reasons for quitting the job. Contact your state's employment security office for clarification.

Do you have to have a GED or better to get a job?

There are very few low paid jobs out there which do not require a formal education, but to actually get a job which is capable of sustaining yourself for the rest of your life, you are going to need your GED or better.

If you go to another state to try and get a job but you are collecting unemployment from another state can you continue with the same state just in-case you don't get a job at the new state?

Normally, yes, as long as you comply with the first state's requirements for finding a job and its provisions for making the move.

Can you collect unemployment if you live in MA and quit your job to move to another state?

No. You QUIT the job. To get unemployment you have to be fired.

Can you receive benefits if you move to another state?

It depends on the reason for quitting your job in the "liable state" and whether that state has provisions for that cause.

Can you move to new state if you were offered a job in another state but had declared bankruptcy 2 years ago in your current state?


If you quit your job and move out of state because you are getting married can you collect unemployment while you look for another job?

Surprisingly, yes. The state that held your last job is obligated to pay your unemployment check even if you are not in the state. Just as long as you fulfill the requirements of that state, you can collect the unemployment.

Will age change the fact if a GED or high school diploma are required?

No. A diploma or GED can be required for college entrance or a job without violating restrictions of age.

Can a person work without GED?

Yes a person can work in minimum wage jobs without a HS Diploma or GED, but it is harder to find a decent job.

What is the job of Alabama?

Tobacco Spitting

Can a 17-year-old in Florida with a GED who just had a baby move in with the baby's father who is 18 and has a job and a home without parental permission?

Having a baby does not emancipate a person and neither does obtaining a GED. You are still a minor until you turn 18. yes you can you should be able to have 1 at any time

What to write in the field of study for job application only have GED?

General Education

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