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A criminal background check will show your convictions. If it has been a long time since your arrest get with a local attorney and petition the court to expunge your records. This doesn't just seal them, but eliminates the fact it ever occurred. If you have been convicted of a DWI or theft it is likely this won't be granted because the severity of the crime and its punishments build off previous convictions. But still get with a good criminal defense attorney and ask in any case.

The person's story below below is a good example of what can occur at any job. I disagree with the employer in this case and if the person in question isn't in a transportation job, or it has been many years since their conviction.

On the "what has been sealed" question, if your records have been expunged the law allows you to answer questions posed about those arrests in the negative and willful disclosure from a public agency that is aware of the expungement is a crime in Texas. The only time I would ever recommend disclosing those incidents would be if you were applying for a law enforcement job, explaining the full details, and that the records have been expunged. (Keep in mind if you do disclose your arrest after expungement, this creates a new record of your arrest that is not necessarily subject to being expunged). Again, a good attorney can counsel you on the best course of action. These are just my personal ideas on what I would do in this case.


I am 53, and in this day and age jobs are getting stricter with whom companies hire. I had a job for 1 day, went to oriantation, was told that day thay my DUI was making me lose my job. I went to a new company in town for a hiring event. They stated if you have a misdemeanor, don't bother applying. Get your records sealed!!! This may help. alot of employers are also asking what you have had sealed also. Good Luck! The last example was for only a $10.00 per hour job.

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Q: If you are 18 and have a misdemeanor is it possible to get a good job and have a good career?
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