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If you are 32 weeks pregnant yet measure at 29 weeks does this mean you have IUGR?

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I measured small too. But I had a scan and it was fine the cause for my smaller than daes bump ws that the baby was low down in the pelvic region.

I don't think so. At 31 weeks, i measured 27 and now at 35 I measure 32. my doctor says it's just the way my body is. So stay calm and listen to your doctor. everything will be ok.

It is very true that it all depends how you carry your babies and if you were smaller the whole way through. Even if it drops off a little and remains consistently smaller than it is "supposed to be", it doesn't mean there is anything wrong. If there is a problem it also does not mean they will be IUGR. I have amniotic fluid problems and with three pregnancies I dropped off in size, they watched me, did NST's, AFI's, etc.... and although my kids were induced early because of amniotic fluid levels.... they are 8, 6, and 18 months and doing great! Do not worry unless they tell you to.

The external "tape" measurement of your tummy is just a tool used as as a rough "watchdog" measurement, if you will allow the use of this phrase. It your measurements are +/- 3 cm from your dates...assuming your dates are reliable...then the "watch" goes on. If the measurements begin to trend one direction or the other from the +/- 3 cm "norm" ultrasound review will be done. Like has been said, it may just be things like fluid amounts, genetic size, baby's position during the external measurement, etc....and not baby falling behind in its literal growth. Good question...!


Briefly, YES, measuring smaller during pregnancy than expected is IUGR by definition. However this might be caused by innocent causes, such as carrying low as discussed above.

This site gives a good brief and plain language description of IUGR and possible causes:

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