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You should call your doctor ASAP!! Good luck and God Bless:)

2015-07-16 19:25:19
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If you are 38 weeks and have been having irregular contractions 30-45mins apart are you progressing into real labor?

Maybe.. wait and see if something pops out.

I am 35 weeks into the pregnancy. I was having regular and painful contractions 3 to 5 minutes apart for 6 hours when they stopped. What is happening?

You could be having what they call braxton hicks contractions...this is your uterus preparing for your baby to be born...Congrats on your pregnancy! Or you could be going in to Labor!

When do you go to the hospital when having pregnancy contractions?

My midwife told me you go when REAL CONTRACTIONS ARE: 5 minutes apart....Lasting 1 minute.....And for 1 hour THAT IS WHEN YOUR IN TRUE LABOR

If you are 38 weeks with first pregnancy contractions 3 minutes apart lasting 70 seconds and dilated at a 2 with 80 effaced will labor come soon after having two cervatals?

If your contractions are three min. apart then you probably already are in labor especially if you are already dilated and 80% effaced. If the contractions aren't regular then you aren't in labor but if it turns out that your not then you will most likely be going into labor really soon.

If my wife starts having contractions at home, should I call an ambulance?

Contractions can start two weeks before the due date to two weeks after. Contractions are only the first steps you should contact your physician to determine how far apart they are and what the next steps are. Yes, you should definitely call an ambulance. Contractions can lead to labor so you shouldn't take them in a non serious manner.

What mineral splits apart in an irregular way?

Limestone, and sulfur.

You drank a big cup of raspberry and you started having contractions 5 min apart but it didn't change your cervix what can you do to get your cervix to change?

It is possible that your cervix will never dilate and therefore you need to have a c-section.

What is the way a mineral looks when it breaks apart in an irregular way?


If you are 38 weeks and 50 effaced with no dialation and contractions at 3 min apart when do you know when actual labor begins?

Are your contractions regular, meaning, have they been 3 mins apart now for the last hour? If they have been I would say your in labor and to go to the hospital.

How long after water broke should you start feeling contractions?

Should be right after, since normally water breaks after you feeling contractions in minutes apart as sign of early labor phase

Which component of the intercalated disk is a strong intercellular junction that functions to keep cells from being pulled apart during contractions?

The desmosomes are the component of the intercalated disk is a intercellular junction to keep cells from being pulled apart during contractions. The myocardial vortex is the arrangement of the cardiac muscle cells.

How long will it be until you deliver if you were two days past your EDD and started having strong contractions 2-4 minutes apart and the baby's head is very low but the next day they stopped?

I bet by the time you read this answer you will have delivered.

If you are 33 weeks pregnant and getting contractions 3 minutes apart how far are you dialated?

Call the doctor, like now

Im 34 weeks pregnant and having contraction every 5 to 10 minutes apart but not dilated Will you go into labor soon?

Have you spoken to your doctor, obstetrician or midwife about this yet? If not, I really advice phoning them or going to the hospital because your contractions are pretty close together. It is possible that these could still be Braxton Hicks contractions. But they could be the start of labour. It's important to get checked out.

How do you time true labor contractions?

You start the timing at the begining of one contraction until the pain stops, and time how long it lasts. This shows how long the contractions are, but in order to get the correct time apart for each contraction you time from the beginning of one contraction to the beginning of the next. This will give you the correct length of the contractions and the correct time for how far apart the contractions are getting. You need to be sure to keep a timer going, and to write all of the times down as soon as you begin your contractions. Be sure to take this information to your hospital or midwives when you go to give birth, they will need to know the timing. - annonymous (information received via a Pregnancy class in Texas)

Im 38 weeks and 4 days and took castor oil contractions are 5 minutes apart what should you do?

You need to be in the hospital

What does it feel if you go in a black hole?

It would feel quite painful - you would get torn apart.

What is the least painful way of hair removal?

The least painful way would be to shaver. A shaver is much better than waxing because waxing can be very painful. When you wax it will make you feel like your skin ripped apart.

How many braxton hicks can you have in a hour?

Braxton Hicks can be quite regular and can come 5 or 10 minutes apart but they are not making changes in the cervix. The easiest way to tell Braxton Hicks from true labor is to drink a glass of water or juice, and change your activity. If walking, lie down - if lying down, take a walk. Labor will not stop when you move around or stop what you are doing, Braxton Hicks generally will. If you are having regular contractions it is best to call your doctor or hospital for an evaluation - many women have quite painful Braxton Hick's and many women have very little pain from early contractions that could signal early labor.

What may cause irregular periods?

there r many reasons for delay in irregular periods...................apart frim pregnancy.. 1.STRESS 2.COLD WEATHER 3.ANAEMIC PERSON 4.HEALTH

When having an earthquake do grounds spilt apart?


What type of crystal breaks apart into irregular shape?

The arrangement of particles in a mineral and the kind of bonds holding them together determine properties such as crystal shape, hardness, and the way the crystal breaks apart.

Do molar teeth pain when they start growing?

Yes it is painful, especially when you chew. Your gums are splitting apart for the molars to come out.

Will the periods be on month apart and you STILL be preGNANT AFTER HAVING 3 MTHS OF PERIOD?

If you are having a period then you are not pregnant.

36 weeks and 5cm dialated 80 effaced contractions 8 to 10 min apart is it almost time?

If this is 1st pregnancy, you have awhile yet. If not your first, almost.