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NO CRAP. that is RAPE. that is just discusting and so wrong. he could go to prison for life. This will depend on the age of consent in your locality or the locality in which the intercourse occurred. you should be able to find this information at a local library or through Google.

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Q: If you are a 16-year-old female and get pregnant by a 32-year-old male can he be criminally charged?
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Can you get suspended for fighting on school property after school is out?

Yes, as well as be charged criminally.

Can you refuse to be a government witness after being subpoenaed?

You can, but you can also be held in contempt of court or charged criminally.

Will you get sued in Texas for not paying for car?

It is more likely the car will be repossessed by the lending agency, if you have defaulted on the loan. You may also be charged criminally. If you simply took a car without paying for it, this is classified as grand theft auto and, if caught, you will be charged criminally.

Can you be criminally charged if you do not stop a suicide?

Such laws would vary from place to place but it's not likely you'd be charged if you didn't participate in any way in the suicide.

Can you get charged for defending some one in a fight?

Defending another person is not a crime. You could be charged criminally if you committed assault or battery. Whether this happened is not clear from the question.

How do you get dismissed from theft by receiving?

The question makes the offense you were charged with sound like RECEIVING STOLEN PROPERTY. There is no way to get it "dismissed" after you've been criminally charged. If this is what you were charged with you must defend yourself against the charge.

What happens if you kill someone in Texas?

Depending on the circumstances, you may be charged criminally for murder or another homicide crime.

What are you now able to do as a 17 year old that you couldn't do at 16?

You can now be charged criminally as an adult in several states.

Can creditors force a lien on property your wife owns if you are criminally charged?

No. Not unless they can prove the debts were incurred for her benefit.

Can you go to jail for breaching the duty of care?

It depends on what you mean, by "breach of care." If you are referring to "Neglect," then, yes, you can be criminally charged.

Is it wrong to spit on people?

Yes, it is a disgusting and disrespectful thing to do. In some places, it is even considered assault, and you can be criminally charged.

Who decides whether you should be charged criminally?

The district's prosecutor, usually called either a District Attorney or State's Attorney.

Can a Maryland builder be criminally charged after chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Sure if he did something criminally wrong...going BK and having debts discharged is an entirely legal act. BK does not afford any protection from criminal acts though.

Can you be criminally charged for stealing your ex husbands dog in ma?

Absolutely. If the dog belonged to him it was HIS property. If you stole it, that's larceny or theft. If you entered upon, or into, property to do it, it might even be charged as a burglary.

Can criminal charges be filed for refusing to surrender collateral property that is being repossessed?

Usually this would not be charged criminally. They would charge you civily. If you do anything physical to the repossessors that would be charged civily.

What is the consequence to the driver who is at fault in a car accident?

Usually liable for all damages and injuries, and may be criminally charged if there is a resulting death.

What is the term for a police officer not being charged criminally for speaking with his supierior about something hes done illegally?

If the officer was given his "GARRITY WARNING" in advance of being officially interrogated by his superiors, he cannot be criminally charged with any information gained from that questioning.See below link for information:

Can someone in Alabama be charged criminally for allowing a 17 year old to stay there while absconding from juvenile probation in another state?


What happens if a federal judge excepts bribes or commit perjury?

They can be criminally charged, just like any other citizen, AND they can face impeachment.

If someone steals something from you are you liable if they get hurt from it?

If you knowingly and purposely rigged something to hurt or injure someone, yes, you could be criminally charged.

What can be civil offense and criminal offense?

Think the O.J. Simpson case. He was charged criminally by the state and - found not guilty. Then charged by a victim's family with a differently worded civil statute and - found guilty

What would a California DUI lawyer be able to help with?

A California DUI lawyer would be able to help an individual who has: 1. Been criminally charged with Driving Under the Influence. 2. Such person has been charged in the state of California.

Can a letter of claim be sent to the person who has been charged with aggravated assault in order to come to some resoultion outside of court?

No. Once the individual has been charged criminally, it is too late to come to some kind of agreemwnt out of court.

Is it illegal to throw away used motor oil?

It is illegal to dump oil into the environment in most places. It is considered a hazardous waste material and you can be charged criminally.

How do you institute a criminal action?

The public cannot institute criminal actions. The state does. If you would like to request that someone be charged criminally, contact the police.