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One of the most important things you can do is watch your diet. Eat healthy and make sure you're getting everything you need. Also, Be active. Dont just eat and sit around and do nothing. Another thing you can do is run/work out. Drink alot of water, watch your "diet", be active, work out/exercise and before you know it you'll be good to go. Working out and exercising is a great way to increase energy and stamina throughout the day also and you can look up different techniques for anything you want to do whether it be muscle building, fat burning, toning, increasing stamina, ect.

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Can you feel baby in your stomach at 4 months?

At four months you should feel some movement of the baby.

What is a Four letter word for Chinese Pooch?


Is it normal if you are fourteen years old an four months pregnan and you get a bubbly noise in your stomach?

yes, its just gas

Is it normal to have a sore stomach four months pregnant?

Sure. Your stomach muscles are having to adjust as your body changes size. Give yourself a rest for a few days from major activity and it should feel better.

Does elephant has four stomach?

Elephants are not ruminants and therefore do not have four stomachs. Their stomach is very similar to mammals with a simple stomach much like our own.

Does stomach has muscles?

There are actually FOUR layers of muscle in the stomach.

Can you sleep on your stomach if your are and teen and four months along?

To be safe, ask your doctor if it's okay to sleep on your stomach. I found that I could sleep on my stomach until it grew uncomfortable...maybe that's nature's way of telling us when it becomes uncomfortable for the baby, too?

Do cows have 2 stomach?

No. They have one stomach with four compartments or chambers.

What are the four stages of life?

baby,child, teenager,adult

How can a teenager lose belly fat in four days?


How long does it take for a passport to arrive?

it takes about four months it takes about four months

When does your stomach get hard during pregnancy?

Your stomach will begin to get hard during your fifth month in pregnancy. Your belly gets hard when the skin stretches. This can cause markings so usea lot of lotion during this time.when your about three to four months

Does a cow have more than stomach?

No. Cows only have one stomach, but that stomach is divided into four chambers or compartments.

How can you get rid of a pregnancy if you are four months along?

At four months you would usually have to have a surgical abortion

What is the correct grammar for you have been here since four months?

You have been here for four months.

If quarterly means every three months what is every four months called?


When the child past the teenager stage on harvest moon ds?

The child passes the teenager stage after four (ingame) years. For it to be a kid, it is two years. Another two years makes it a teenager.

How many months is sixteen weeks?

Four Months

How many months is four years?

48 months.

How many months is there in four decades?

480 months

What are four types of tissue found in the stomach?

There are four types of tissue that are found in the stomach. These tissues are epithelial, connective, muscle, and nervous tissues.

Do cows really have four stomachs if so what are the three extra ones for?

No. Cows only have ONE stomach. That one stomach has fourchambers.

How many months have four Saturdays?

They all have four Saturdays. However, usually only four months per year have five Saturdays while usually eight months per year have only four Saturdays.

What is the cardiac section of the stomach?

The cardiac section is one of four sections of the stomach. It begins where the contents of the esophagus empty into the stomach.

When did The Secret Life of the American Teenager season four start?

Season four began on June 13th 2011.