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NO!!!!! The warning is there for a reason. Sorry. I have a shellfish allergy and I can tell you that it's a bad idea. I went into anaphylatic shock (airway swells up) doing just that. Word to the wise, try something else.

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 19:32:28
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Q: If you are allergic to seafoods can you take a diet pill containing shellfish?
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What is a mermaids diet?

dead shellfish

What does a mermaids diet mostly consist of?

dead shellfish

What are foods that are not allowed on a kosher diet?

Shellfish and pork.

What is a diet of a dolphin?


What is the diet of vitiligo?

Diet for vitiligo varies on the basis of treatment you are undergoing. If you are under homeopathic treatment, then homeopathic doctors suggest to keep away from seafoods and sour foods.

When on a Ketogentic Diet what are the foods to avoid?

When on a Ketogenic Diet, foods to avoid are carbohydrate rich vegetables, high carb fruits, fluids with high carbohydrate contents, processed foods, and seafoods.

What is the blob fishes diet?

They like crabs and shellfish, but they eat what ever they can find.

What does a staple diet consist of?

a "staple diet" is basically whatever a person's diet generally consists of , i.e. people that live near an ocean might have shellfish as a big part of their "staple diet".

Can you take diet pills with clindamycin?

yes you can if your not allergic to clindamycin

Why do sea otters carry a stone with them?

they use it to crack open shellfish, which is a big part of their diet.

Is seafood good for weight loss diet?

Generally, seafoods are great for the diet, especially if you want to lose weight. Pound for pound, seafoods contain lesser fat, and also high in protein. Some fish contains omega 3 and 6 which is good for the heart. Grilling and stewing and making soups out of fish, squid, and octopus is delicious. You can try sea urchin if you like sushi. Oysters are also healthy. I have to caution you that in most diets, everything makes it good when you eat in sensible amounts. If you are uncertain about some seafoods, consult your doctor.

What is meant of balance diet?

a balanced diet is a diet containing all the necessary food groups, such proteins legummes you know

What is the best way to prevent arthritis?

Regular exercise (brisk walking is ideal), a good diet, and a glucosamine capsule every day (unless you are allergic to shellfish). There are no guarantees on never getting arthritis, but those three things can go a long way toward avoiding or minimizing it.

Can someone be allergic to diet soda?

Not to the soda but to an ingredient in the product, yes.

What do shellfish eat?

Most shellfish are filter feeders, eating a diet composed primarily of phytoplankton and zooplankton; taking in minute creatures from the ocean floor by taking in water, and straining the food out of it as it is released.

What did the qwakitul eat?

The traditional diet of the kwakiutl included fish, shellfish, berries, roots, small game.

How can you control acne?

you might wanna change your diet or you could be allergic to something

Define balanced diet?

A diet containing the right amount of fuel, growth and protective foods.

Does a vergetarian diet contain the same vitamins and mineral as a meat containing diet?

you will need to eat alot of vegetables

What are some of the foods that are recommended to help prevent heart disease?

Foods containing omega-3 fatty acids are known to prevent heart disease. These include shellfish and salmon. However, an overall healthy diet including fruits and vegetables is also important in preventing heart disease.

What proportion of people avoid something in their diet because they think they are allergic to it?

About one third

What do turtles use for eating?

Turtles can be vegetarians or carnivorous. Most have a mixed diet of fish, insects, shellfish, and water plants.

What are the rules of eating seafood for Jews?

(Deuteronomy ch.14) Fish have to have scales and fins. The kosher diet excludes shellfish.

How do you do i make my hair grow longer?

Eat a balanced diet containing a lot of protein.

Do diet pills make you sleepy?

Diet pills containing caffeine have that effect on some people, as the pill wears off.

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