Seafood is a group of sea animals eaten by humans. Common seafood dishes include a variety of fishes (salmon, tuna, cod, snapper) and shellfishes (shrimp, lobster, crab, oyster). Seafood is considered a healthier protein source than red meat.

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What are the 3 characteristics of fresh shellfish?

characteristic of fresh shell fish

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Is seafood considered to be meat?

No. Shellfish, commonly referred to as seafood, is not considered a meat by the EU, US FDA, the USDA, the Catholic Church and most Talmudic, Buddhist, Hindu or Koranic authorities as a meat.


What is 180 degrees celsius equal in Fahrenheit?

To find the answer, you have to take the Celsius and times it by 1.8, then add 32. So the answer would be 356 degrees Fahrenheit.


Is going to a seafood restaurant so scary Algebra?

Because you might run into a man eating sharks.


I'd have thought the prospect of a man eating sharks would only be frightening if you are a shark - and algebra would not help you in that situation!

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What is fish glaze?

Fish glaze - fish stock reduced by boiling until it becomes a sticky consistency.

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What does imitation crab taste like?

it taste just like the real thing exept not as moist......

Cooking Times and Temperatures

How long do you cook baked fish?

depends on the type of fish and the thickness of the fish. A general rule could be a typical fillet (boneless) of white fish say Tilapia bake in oven at 325 degrees for about 15 minutes or until it turns white and becomes firmer. This is a soft fish so it doesn't take very long to cook. The firmer fish take longer. I always bake my fish and always at 325 degrees. Ill give you a link for fish recipes below.


Why do portobello mushrooms smell like fish?

Most people do not think that portobello mushrooms smell like fish. It may be that your mushrooms were cooked in oil that was previously used for fish, or were stored in a refrigerator or container that retained a fishy odor. Another reason could be that the portobello mushrooms that you used were old and had been stored in a plastic bag. When mushrooms get older they can release amines which are what makes up a fishy odor.


What is the recipe for seaweed chips?

All you need are: Nori sheets

Salt, preferably sea salt

Sesame oil


Heat your non-stick skillet over medium heat.

For easy application, brush the sesame oil on both sides of the nori sheet then sprinkle lightly with salt.

All it takes is about 15 to 20 seconds each side.

Cut to bite-size pieces.

And it's ready!

Frying and Sauteeing Foods

What type of flour is used for frying fish?

Plain flour, or if your prefered, wholemeal flour.

Corn flour, or plain cornmeal.


Is it possible to cook fish without lemon?

Definitely. I don' think that lemon is necessary to contain for cooking fish. We can absolutely cook fish without lemon too because adding flavour is not compulsory for cooking fish.

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What fish tastes most like chicken?


Buffalo and Bison

How do you cook buffalo fish ribs?

Batter with yellow cornmeal, salt and pepper then deep fry in cooking oil. Preferably peanut.

Restaurants and Dining Establishments

Why are seafood restaurants closed on Monday?

Because there are no shipments during Sunday. So just in case you go to a restaurant on a Monday ordering something from the seafood menu would not be a good idea as more likely that seafood wont be fresh and possibly you would be eating something that was shipped last Friday and is possibly 3-4 days old. When it comes to seafood you always want it fresh.

The Difference Between

What is the difference between fish and seafood?

Seafood refers to every single organism living in "sea environment" that is consumed as a food source by human beings.

Fish refers to a family of organism with certain mutual characteristics(such as scales, type of brain/flesh color/ basic internal organs).

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Why does caviar cost so much?

Caviar is a super fancy food and is very expensive because its more expensive to make. Unlike artificial foods which cost less because they are factory built and less expensive to create.

Cooking Times and Temperatures

How long do you bake fish fillets and potatoes?

It depends on the potatoes and fish but u cn cook it for 20-30 min max . Just check If the fin is golden Bon and the potatoes are cripy

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How do you make swai?

  1. Make sure your Swai fillets are rinsed off well. Pat off any excess water.

  2. Then, in large skillet pan, heat up Olive Oil, then add Margarine. Heat over medium heat till Margarine is melted.

  3. Next, add Red Wine Vinegar, and give a light stir. Add a pinch of Salt, and then Garlic Powder.

  4. Next, add Swai fillets, and continue cooking over medium heat. Sprinkle Lemon Pepper directly onto each fillet.

  5. Finally, After about 3 minutes, carefully flip Swai fillets over, sprinkling the other side with Lemon Pepper, and cooking for about 4 minutes. Fish is done when outside is opaque. Enjoy

Storage of Meats Poultry and Seafood
Clams Oysters and Scallops

Scallops 2 days after sell by date?

Don't risk it.

When in doubt, throw it out.

In other words, don't eat or buy it!

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Can you eat plaice roe?

Yes you can eat plaice roe. Best way I have found is in a beer batter or tempera batter.

In Lowestoft and Gt Yarmouth you can buy them in fish and chip shops.

Long considered a delicacy by trawler men and there families.

Plaice roes can by bought frozen any time in the year.

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How do they smoke mackerel?

For a product of good eating quality, mackerel with a fat content of at least 10 per cent should be used. For smoked whole fish, the mackerel are gutted, or headed and gutted, as required, the gut cavity cleaned and the black bellywall lining removed. For hot smoked fillets, single fillets with skin left on are cut from the whole fish. The rate of uptake of salt during brining depends principally on the size of the fish; large fish take longer to brine than small ones. Thus to achieve a reproducible uptake of salt all the fish in a batch should be of about the same weight. Mackerel fillets take a much shorter time to brine; as a guide, an average fillet takes about 3 minutes in 80° brine. Brined whole fish can be tied by the tails in pairs and hung over tenter rods for smoking, or hung individually by the tails in keyhole slots cut in metal frames. Mackerel with heads on can be speated through the eyes. Fillets are laid on trays made of nylon coated or stainless steel wire mesh. Full tenters, speats or trays are loaded on trolleys which when fully loaded can be left to drain for 1-2 hours or wheeled directly into the kiln without draining. In kilns with more than one trolley, the first loaded trolley should be placed at the air outlet end, and the last loaded trolley at the air inlet end.

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Do you skin the amberjack when you cook it?

Yes, you do. With a knife.


Why are blobfish inedible?

Blobfish is edible, but has a poison sake that can kill you if not properly removed.

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Are speckled crabs edible?

Yeah, they are.

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How do you eat soft shell crab?

Keep it alive in the refrigerator and then fry it in a pan in some butter with Old Bay on it. It helps to put something to help it fry evenly on it such as cornmeal or a breading/batter before adding the seasoning. Then you can either put it on a sandwich(my favorite) or just eat it plain.

It is also good to fry in fatback instead of butter. YUM!

I live in MD on the bay so I eat a lot of soft-crabs.


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