Duty and Customs

Goods imported into a country are usually taxed. This form of taxation is called duty. The government body that enforces these taxes is the Customs. They oversee the duty, or tax, to be applied to each imported good.

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Duty and Customs

What is the largest Roxy backpack?

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Duty and Customs

Why do Malays give green packets to younger Malays?

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Duty and Customs

When and why were the first souvenirs sold?

it is almost impossible to say where they were sold first but they are sold so people have mementos (or keepsakes) to remember a trip of special event

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Duty and Customs
The Difference Between

What is the diference between Master bill of lading and house bill of lading?

Master Bill of Lading: Issued from Carrier.

House Bill of Lading: Issued from Freight Forwarder.

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Duty and Customs

What does the name gauri chahal mean?

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Duty and Customs

What is epcg license?

It is Export promotion Capital Goods Scheme.

This scheme allows importer to import capital goods with paying custom duty. But the importer has to export 6/8 times of the value duty saved depending on condition laid down in the license.

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Duty and Customs

How Much Is Gauges?

It was many price to buy. But whatever you like, like the good Gauges then it would be more price to buy(like: some hundred) or if something like small or normal then it maybe like $50 to $100...

My name : Thien Soscarim

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Duty and Customs

What is a tax placed on an imported good or service?

A tax on imported goods is called a tariff.

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Duty and Customs

Indian customs duty tariff 2009?

We need to import solar lanterns and solar mosquito repelents we need to know the import duty structure with exemption

Duty and Customs

How much dried shrimp per person can you bring into US?

get a ship

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Duty and Customs

Can you bring 6 bottles of beer in the Philippines?


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Duty and Customs

How much duty free tobacco can you bring back from France to the UK?


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Duty and Customs

Is it illegal to buy a ring at one store then return it at another for a profit?

I don't quite understand what you mean by "return." You are certainly free to SELL

the ring which you legally purchased and which is now legally your property.

This does not include rings purchased using the store's credit. You must have paid the entire asking price at the original store and own the ring outright before you are legally allowed to "dispose" of it. The reason for this is that until you pay off the ring, the store still owns it. The ring is the same as a car you drive off the lot after financing it. You do not own it until you have paid for it entirely.

However, barring all that. IF you have paid for the ring entirely and IF you legally own it then yes you can do anything you wish with the ring. This includes selling the ring to another store that is offering to purchase it from you. It would be illegal, however, to purchase a ring, whether on store credit or outright, and then attempt to resell it to the same store without alerting them to the fact that the ring was recently purchased from them.

Taxes and Tax Preparation
Duty and Customs

A tax on goods imported from another country?


United Kingdom
Duty and Customs

How many cigarettes can you bring into the UK?

As of December 2009, according to HM Revenue and Customs you can bring the following tobacco products into the UK without declaring them:A,B

From EU Countries: A

An unlimited amount of tobacco products "on which tax has been paid in an EU country". However you must be able to prove it is for personal use only. Otherwise excise duty is payable.

The HM Revenue and Customs website states that:

"You are particularly likely to be asked questions if you have more than: 3200 cigarettes, 200 cigars, 400 cigarillos, 3kg tobacco"


"If you are caught selling alcohol or tobacco goods they may be seized, and for a serious offence you could get up to seven years in prison."

From Non EU Countries: B

You can bring the following amounts of tobacco back without declaring them or paying duty:

"200 cigarettes; or 100 cigarillos; or 50 cigars; or 250g of tobacco."

NB: this is a summary of the rules as listed on the HM Revenue and Customs site. As such there are more specific intructions and rules depending on the specific country you are travelling from. PLEASE see the related links for the most up to date information.

These rules are liable to be updated at any point. Again, please check the related links for the most up to date information.


A Allowances for those travelling to the UK from the European Union (EU) - HM Revenue and Customs website.

B Allowances for those travelling to the UK from outside the European Union (EU) - HM Revenue and Customs website.

Please see related links.

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Duty and Customs

Is it legal to import clove cigarettes in the US?

As long as you're not getting more than two cartons, it's generally ignored. More than that and they'll nail you on intent to sell.

Duty and Customs

What are the major imports and exports of the Bahamas?


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Duty and Customs

Is Canadian tire in America?

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Duty and Customs

Can i take raw meat on airplane?

It is generally not a problem to take food items on an airplane. The problem is when you arrive at your destination. If you are traveling to a different country and need to go through customs when you arrive there you may have problems bringing food, particularly meat, fruits and vegetables, into that country. You should check the laws and regulations in place in the country that you are traveling to.

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Duty and Customs

Where can you get rubber bands from?

Lots of places

Duty and Customs

Is there duty on diamonds coming from US into Canada?

Since you must declare purchases made in Canada when you cross the border into USA, yes, expect to pay a duty. You must also declare any imports you expect to leave in USA.

Also, it is a federal offense to 'forget' to declare purchases or imports.

As well, you may be asked by Canadian customs to declare purchases and imports, in which case you should expect to pay a duty. It is also a federal offense to 'forget' to declare purchases or imports in this process, too.

Duty and Customs

Do I have to pay duty on imports at customs?

First it depends on the item is it is concidered duty exempt by the Harminized Tarrif Schedule USA. Depending on the comodity it can be exempt any duty. Once the rate is determined (if any), local/state may pose a have a limit on the comodity.

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Duty and Customs

How much tax for importing a cars to cambodia?

Usually 140% of your vehicle value.

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Duty and Customs

What bank has sort code 09-06-66?


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Duty and Customs

Foods allowed to cross the border from Mexico to the US?

None, unless canned or in the original package.


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