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It gets suspended

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2014-08-05 14:33:05
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When entering a bicycle lane to make a right turn within how many feet must you enter the lane before making the turn

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Q: If you are considered a negligent operator what happens to your licence?
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What happens if you are in an accident that was not your fault but you do not have drivers licence?

Then you're considered to be at fault, the logic being that you shouldn't have been there to get into an accident.

What happens if we are in a car accident and you do not have a licence and i am not covered under the insurance?

You will be arrested or ticketed for being an un-licensed operator. The owner of the vehicle will become personallyfinancially liable for any damages or suits for injury because they allowed an un-licensed operator to operate their vehicle.

Can you drive a forklift on a provisional licence?

If you are on private property you need a forklift operator certificate only.

What is a CDL driver?

A person who operates a vehicle which requires the operator to possess a Commercial Drivers Licence.

How do you obtain a licence for haj tour operator in India?

You have to contact to some travel agent who specialises in that.

Is it necessary to get a license for a inflatable boat using 9.8 hp in British Columbia?

You do not need a pleasure craft licence unless it is using 10 or more hp. You will, however, need an operator's licence.

What happens if you do not belong to all three music licence?


What happens when i reach 75 years?

You'll get a free TV licence !

Is a driving licence sufficient ID from London to Jersey in the Channel Islands?

Probably, if has photographic identification. Check with the plane or ferry operator.

What animals need a licence?

Any animal that isn't considered domestic

What jobs are available when using a SIA license?

A SIA Licence stands for 'Security Industry Authority'. In order to find a job within the security industry you need to have a SIA Licence, and you will need to keep your licence updated. You can work as a Door Supervisor, Security Guard, CCTV Operator, it is illegal to work in any of these positons without a SIA Licence.

What happens when an unlicensed driver causes an accident?

they get in jail for not having a licence and driving.

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