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That's a decision that is made by the BK trustee. The participants of a chapter 13 bankruptcy must get the permission of the trustee for all major financial transactions.

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Q: If you are currently under Chapter 13 and have been for about 2 years how long does it take before you can try to sell your house and purchase another one?
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When can you file a chapter 7 bankruptcy again if you filed a chapter 7 in 2004?

You must wait 8 years after the filing of the petition before filing another chapter 7.

Can you file a chapter 7 bankruptcy after a defaulted chapter 13?

You can file as many as you want however you should wait 8 to 10 years before you can file another chapter for bankruptcy.

Can you buy a new car before filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy?

If you buy a used car with cash before filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy, How long do you need in between purchase and filing to keep the vehicle if the vehicle meets exemption in a state?

How long do you have to wait to file another chapter 7 if you filed one before the new bankruptcy laws took affect?

8 years from the date of discharge of the previous chapter 7.

If a parent wants to sell you their home cheap but you are going to a Chapter 7 hearing soon can you buy the house or how long do you have to wait?

You must wait until your Chapter 7 is discharged before entering into any financial obligation such as a loan, land contract or purchase agreement. This also includes the purchase of vehicles and merchandise.

Can a person in chapter 13 bankruptcy purchase a home while still in bankruptcy?

All major financial transactions including the purchase of sale of a home must be approved by the bankruptcy trustee before any action is taken.

How many times can you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy in a lifetime?

Under the new law taking effect on 10/17/05, you need to wait 8 years after a Chapter 7 discharge before you are eligible for another Chapter 7 discharge.

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Can you file bankruptcy if you just filed 6 years ago?

If you filed Chapter 7, 6 years ago you will have to wait 4 more years before you can file it again because Chapter 7 is a ten year wait period before filing another one. Chapter 13 can be filed anytime you want there is no wait period for it.

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If you filed for chapter 13 can you purchase a new car?

While in a Chapter 13 debt repayment, the person(s) involved must have the permission of the assigned trustee before making major financial transactions. Failure to do this can result in the dismissal of the filing and/or other penalties. Not quite true. You can purchase a new car by obtaining a specific car loan agreement which does not seriously affect your chapter 13 plan payments and filing it with the court with a motion to approve the loan. The chapter 13 trustee must also agree to the new car loan. The details vary somewhat from one bankruptcy district to another, so consult a local bankruptcy lawyer.

Is there any finance companies out there that will let you refinance while in Chapter 13 if it is not closed?

While participating in a Chapter 13, all major financial transactions must have the approval of the BK trustee before they can be entered into. In most cases if a vehicle is needed for the person's employment or family safety the purchase will be approved for a specific amount. Finding a lender however is another issue entirely and can be quite difficult.

Can you quit your job before filing chapter 7?

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If You Filed chapter 7 in 2002 can i refile?

Under the new Bankruptcy laws you must now wait 8 years before filing another Chapter & or Total Bankruptcy as it is better know. You may be eligible to file if eligible a Chapter 13 to structure repayment to those creditors.

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Can you rent-to-own or purchase-lease a home while in a Chapter 13 even if they do not check your credit report?

Yes, but you may have to get permission from the court and trustee to assume additional debt. You do not have to get the trustees approval until you initially want to make the actual purchase of the home. If you are just renting then approval is not needed by the trustee. Rent-to-own programs allow you to rent for a year or two before purchasing to ensure the fact that you can make monthly payments on time. A portion of the rent is set aside if indeed you do intend to make the purchase at the end of your lease. This is information given to me by my lawyer. I am currently in a chapter 13 and I will be renting to own very soon.

I filed chapter 13. How long before I can file Chapter 7?

You can file Chapter 7 once, every seven years

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Can you buy a car one year after filing chapter 13 and can your creditors take your car if you don't wait until you're discharged from your bankruptcy?

While in a Chapter 13 debt repayment bankruptcy, you must consult the bankruptcy trustee before engaging in a major financial transaction, such as the purchase of a vehicle.

How many years before you can file chapter 7 a second time if you filed before deadline of October 2005?

8 years between chapter 7 BKs.

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