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If you are disabled and have disabled license plates can your car still be repossessed?


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2015-07-16 19:19:03
2015-07-16 19:19:03

Ms.Darlene, to the best of my limited knowledge of Ca. Code B&P 7500, it mentions nothing about disabled rights in a repo. If you find anything special on it, would you please post a link to it??? I would like to keep my state by state files up-to-date. Thank you for your post.


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Short answer is yes, in most jurisdictions the plates are registered to an owner and a car. If you purchase a new car the plates are still yours. There are exceptions, the UK for instance

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when they repossess your car it makes sense that you would get it in the mail with a notice.

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No. DMV ties the insurance to the license plates. If you still have the plate, then the state wants to see active insurance. This is the only way they know you still have the vehicle. In Florida, you can turn in the plates and receive a receipt for them. This will allow you to obtain new plates at no charge when you get another vehicle. You can also sell them back for up to 100.00 and pay for a new plate later when you purchase a new car.

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Yes. In Ohio inmates make all license plates, including temporary tags. They still make them in Michigan too, and here: is a website describing the factory

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No, if it was it would be impossible to repossess a vehicle because no one would ever take them off.

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