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It would be up to the employer to make the decision.

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Q: If you are fifteen years old and have a workers permit can you work at a place that the age limit is sixteen?
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What is the legal age limit for driving?

Depends on the country, of course. It is sixteen in Australia. In the US, it is fifteen with a permit and sixteen to drive alone in most states.

When was the Olympic age limit made for gymnastics?

The first one was made in 1981, when the minimum age was raised from fourteen to fifteen. In 1997, it was raised to sixteen.

How is the oral permit test?

speed limit

Is there a limit to what size motorcycle a sixteen year old can ride in Oklahoma?

No there is no limit at age 16.

Is there an age requirement to work as a stock associate at PetSmart?

You would have to ask the company as they set the age limit. Typically, you can be 15 to get a job with a workers permit, but you would have to ask the company for what they say.

What are Some Age Qualtifictions for tennis in the Olympics?

The age limit is sixteen.

What is the age limit to quit school?

It depends where you are. If you are in England, then it's sixteen.

How old can a smallmouth bass get?

Twelve to fifteen years is about the age limit range for this species.

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When weather and road conditions permit it.

What is the age limit for learners permit?

You will need to be more specific, which state do you live in?

How many times can you retake your drivers permit test in state of minnesota?

There is no limit!

What is the age limit for buying ibuprofen?

Across the United Kingdom you must be at least sixteen to purchase it.

What is the age limit for midjet 1 hockey players?

Fifteen years of age. (15 YOA)

What Age limit for british army?

Sixteen to thirty three. Although you cannot be deployed to fight until you are eighteen. However you can start training a few months before your sixteen

What is the age limit to get a permit in Florida?

17 years old then when you become 18 you are eligible to get your license

What is the age limit for driving in GA?

The minimum driving age in Georgia is 15 for a learners permit.

Im 15 can you get a learners permit?

It depends on where you live. Each state has there own age limit.

What is the minimum number of workers needed to keep a union?

There is no minimum limit for union.

What is the timely limit for filing workers comp claims in tx?

45 days

What is the legal limit for riding a bike in Florida?

It depends if you want a street bike or an offroad bike. There is no age limit for riding offroad, but to ride on the street, you must be at least sixteen.

What is the limit for a fifteen yr olds hourly pay?

amount of pay is not limited. only the number of hours worked.

What is the maximum number of uploaded videos for a non paying YouTube user?

There is no limit to the amount of videos that a user can upload to YouTube. There is a limit of fifteen minutes for each video, but this limit may be lifted on application to the site, and there is no payment required for this.

An age limit to work in an office?

If you have a work permit and the office wants to hire you, you could get a job at 14.

What is the standard speed limit in Florida?

I just answered this question on my permit classed online the answer is 70 mph

Is there an age limit for Spanish car hire?

The age limit to rent a car in Spain is 21. This is basically the age limit to rent cars in Europe as this limit is used in fifteen other countries. As with any car rental, one would need to have a working drivers license.