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B/K depends on your situation and there is no standard advice. But that is likely the best thing to do. As you stated, you cant afford it.Ask your B/K attorney. S/he can advise you better.

I agree with that answer. Talk to your attorney.

Filing for bankruptcy is a legal process and can be complicated so it's important to work out your bankruptcy carefully. Bankruptcy is the best way to get relief from debt.Get advice on bankruptcy and how best to deal with your debts , This independent website has a lot of useful information:

2015-07-16 19:28:04
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Can a motorcycle be repossessed if you cant afford the payments?

Of course.

I am nearing retirement and have many credit card bills to pay which i cannot afford. is bankruptcy an answer and will it affect my partner if it is personal bankruptcy?

You should definitely discuss bankruptcy with an experienced attorney. It will affect your partner only if you have joint debts that wll have to be listed in the bankruptcy. S/he will have to pay the debt.

If You owe money to someone in bankruptcy - will you have to pay it if you can't afford it?

You have to pay your debts...the other persons bankruptcy isn't really relevant...YOU HAVE TO PAY PEOPLE YOUR DEBTS...FIND A WAY TO DO SO. You can't afford other things....your debts you MUST afford.

You are financing a vehicle but you can no longer afford payments what can you do?

Talk to the lender, or you can file Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to lower the payments where you can afford them.

On average what is the quality of most repossessed vehicles?

The owner of a vehicle that has been repossessed, cannot afford to make their payments, so it makes sense that they cannot afford to perform the required scheduled maintenance on the vehicle. This is not always the case but IMO, I would never buy a repossessed vehicle, unless it had extremely low mileage of say less than 20,000 miles.

How can I buy a motorcyle during bankruptcy?

I hate to break it to you but in my opinion you can not afford to buy a motorcycle if you are in bankruptcy unless you have cash saved up.

Can you buy another car even though is repossessed?

If you have had a car repossessed, you have not kept up with the payments. You probably still owe money on the repossessed car. In these circumstances, the fact is that you can not afford to purchase another car and would not be able to obtain the finance to do so.

When is it necessary to declare bankruptcy?

It is necessary to declare bankruptcy when a person cannot afford to continue paying for bills and other things they need. A person may declare bankruptcy if their business is not making any money.

How do you get rid of an 4 year old warrant that you cant afford to pay?

Certainly not through bankruptcy.

My car was repossessed and now they want me to pay for the remaining balance on the loan and I can not afford it. What can the lender do legally to get payments in the state of Pennsylvania?


Can lease auto be repossessed when you do not have insuarance?

The terms of most auto leases require that you maintain insurance. Failing to do so is typically cause for termination of the lease. If you can't afford insurance, you can't afford to drive.

How much does it cost to file for consumer bankruptcy?

Filing for Chapter 7 Consumer Bankruptcy, the most common type of Consumer Bankruptcy, costs an average of around $1500. Filing for Chapter 7 Consumer Bankruptcy is so expensive that many people can't even afford it.

If your car was repossessed after you filed bankruptcy What are your rights?

You have the right to call/visit your B/K attorney and have s/he explain your rights as you've paid them to do. Who knows your case and state laws better??? Say I can't afford an attorney (which I can't). Now what? Then you cant afford to file B/K, but if you do file pro se, you better do your homework. The failure rate for pro se B.K is rather HIGH due to mistakes and lack of knowledge. Unfortunately, this is NOT the place to find that info. Search on "Bankruptcy" for better results. Check the links to the right too.

Can you buy a house if you have filed for bankruptcy?

If you have filed bankruptcy because you cannot afford to pay your debts, a lender will not loan you money to purchase a house and it just doesn't make sense. You cannot continue to acquire assets while your assets are frozen and in the possession of the trustee in bankruptcy in a bankruptcy proceeding.

If you are including a leased vehicle in a bankruptcy and need a vehicle that you can afford payments on will you have a tough time getting a loan?

There are some creditors that offer car loans to those who' ve filed bankruptcy.

Should you file Chapter 13 Bankruptcy after your vehicle has been repossessed My car pymt is 2 months behindand I can't maintain the payments. What are my options?

Are you upside down in the loan? Sell it or trade it in on something you can afford. You need to be proactive with the bank and let them know the situation so that they can help you. They want to find a solution the the problem just as much as you do.

Are there any alternatives to bankruptcy?

Best idea is to return the stuff you bought because you obviously can't afford it and then get a job and pay the rest.

Can you keep your 2nd home in a chapter 13 bankruptcy?

It depends on whether you can afford to pay the second home's mortgage, taxes and maintenance along with your Chapter 13 plan payments. If there is no mortgage on it, and you have no exemptions left to apply to its value, you might be required to pay a 100% plan and may not be able to afford that. Consult an experienced bankruptcy lawyer.

Who use personal computer?

Nowadays, just about any person or company which can afford them.

Can store reclaim merchandise after I file bankruptcy?

Chapter 7 yes your are allocated a threshold for personal items cash jewelry,furs,stocks,bonds, etc... After the personal allowance they may reclaim your items if they are hard assets i.e. Car,ATV,boat etc... you would lose them. Chapter 13 since your paying the debts back with the protection of the bankruptcy code. As long as you remain current after the automatic stay is put in place, you keep your assets. If you cant afford it, dont buy it.

Personal bankruptcy pro's and con's?

Bankruptcy ruins your credit for about 10 years but if you can only afford to make minimum payment on your credit cards and your balance is not getiing smaller you may have to go that route. Personally I would not file unless my debt was over $20,000 and even then I would try using one of the debt counseling agencies. Sometimes they can consolidate your debts and get you a lower interest rate.

What bankruptcy can you file to keep your home if you are behind in payments?

If you are behind in your payments and you declare bankruptcy usually you can remain in your home and continue payments. However the lender will most likely begin foreclosure since you can't afford it and you are at higher risk.

How can you still afford a loan after declaring bankruptcy?

Nowadays many people are faced with the problem of debt. A good majorityamong them fail to clear off their debts and in the end will file for bankruptcy. People are advised to resort to bankruptcy as the last resort. The main reason they are advised so is because once they declare bankruptcy it becomes very difficult to clear their credit card and get them new loans for that matter. If in any case the person had to declare bankruptcy and later are in a situation where they must take loan then they can take one after understanding the procedure. Since the person has already declared bankruptcy most of the lenders whom they have approached for money will be very careful. They will give ou the money under strict rules and regulations. The person first needs to go through their earlier credit card details and see what all were filedunder bankruptcy and what all were not filed. In this form under those which were not filed for bankruptcy they have to choose those transactions which have a clean credit card record. They can use these credit card details to persuade the lender to lend the money. In this way the person can afford loan after declaring bankruptcy. Usually it is recommendedthat the person wait for few years before they go for a loan as that they can straighten out their credit card score by then. If the person is in a condition where they must have a bankruptcy loan afford then they can go ahead and meet some prospective lenders with their earlier credit history. If the person is looking forward to afford loan after bankruptcy for their home then it is better if they choose loans with down payment as they can improve their credit score.

Can Selena Gomez come to your house?

If you can afford to pay for a personal appearance you can get anyone you want.Yay me!!!!!!

What bankruptcy services can someone get for free?

If an individual cannot afford a lawyer to help with a bankruptcy case, they have several options. They can waive their right to an attorney and represent themselves. They can also look for an attorney willing to do pro-bono work, which is working for free.