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Yes you can marry their son. There are no biological genes between any of you. It may seem awkward to your adoptive parents at first because that would make him your adopted brother (not even a half-brother) when you join the family. It's a matter of a label put on each other, and nothing genetic. If you have been dating, then other than possibly you being too young there isn't any reason the both of you can't get married. Tell your adoptive parents right away. Don't wait! This doesn't mean they won't adopt you. Good luck Marcy There are not laws that would prevent such a marriage but the involved parties should use caution in the adoption procedure. If the court has suspicions that the adoption is being done because the young lady is a minor and this would enable the "parents" to give permission for the marriage the adoption will not be granted.

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Q: If you are getting adopted by your foster parents and you want to marry her real son can you?
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