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Answer Although it seems counter-intuitive, eating only one meal per day will probably not help you lose weight, at least not for very long. The human body adapts, if you cut back on your intake by eating only one meal per day the body will go into "starvation mode", that's why so many dieters get cold during the winter. It's far more effective if you eat MORE times per day, but just a litttle at a time, and cut back on fats and simple starches and sugars. Eat fruits, veggies and protein but small amounts and at least 6 time per day. Also, drink plenty of water. Any exercise that you can add into your program will increase the rate of weight loss. An additional answer If you only eat one meal a day your metabolism will slow down. Your body will begin to burn healthy muscle rather than body fat. Losing muscle will make it increasingly harder for you to lose weight in the future. == == == == == == == == == == == ==

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Q: If you are going to eat one meal a day what food helps you lose weight the fastest?
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What drug helps to lose weight the fastest?

Heroin will do it.. you will stop caring about food and just waste away..

What food will help you lose weight fastest?

There is no such thing as a weight loss food. Just eat healthy and exercise, and you will soon see a difference.

What are the advantages of smoking food?

Smoking food helps to preserve it, adds flavor, and reduces the weight.

Does cold food let you lose more weight?

No, there is not any scientific evidence about this matter. No one can claim that cold food helps in loosing weight.

What is the fastest way to increase body weight?

It can be increased by eating junk food, oil and drinking soft drinks.

Does celery help you lose weight?

Celery helps your body, but you have to excercise. You can't lose weight by eating food.

Which food helps lose weight?

Chips chips ice cream mcdonalds

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It helps you with going to the toilet. To get rid of the food.

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Eating food in general will make you gain weight. Apples are not a fatty food, though, so eating an apple or two a day isn't going to make you gain weight faster than you're going to burn it off.

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Can Charcoal tablets or capsules help you lose weight?

No. Not eating junk food, sodas, and getting off the couch helps weight loss.

Do you gain any weight by eating a lot of fruit on a diet o is it going to effect your diet in any way?

You are not going to put on weight , but you will not have all the food the body needs.

What are the fastest acting weight training supplements for bodybuilding?

There are many weight training supplements for achieving mass quickly. The best option is to check with someone at your local health food store such as a GNC.

Does sleeping after eating a bowl of cereal gains weight?

Eating any food and then going to bed right after will make you gain weight!

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The food that grows mold the fastest is bread. This is because it is moist, warm, and is left out of the refrigerator.

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Can lemons help you to lose weight?

It helps you lose weight but not by a lot, it is most effective when taken straight after food as the acid from lemons can burn away the oils from the food you eat leaving only the good fat.

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Why are Asian women so thin?

They eat hot food. When you eat spicy food it helps the calories or something to get away, so it help you to lost weight.

By pooping will a person lose weight?

Perhaps in that moment, but overall, no. It just feels that way because you get rid of all the "excess" food that your body did not need, but it is your overall food intake and healthy lifestyle that helps you lose weight.

What is the fastest weight loss diet out there?

The easiest and fastest diet available is the tried and true method of lowering your calorie intake and adding exercise to your routine. You want to eliminate your intake of high calorie, high fat food items and increase your intake of low calorie, high fiber food items.