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A client server is better because you can set limitations such as blocking access to system files, and etc. Also it is easier to make internet filters for that one type of client they are set as so they are not doing anything they shouldn't be doing.

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A client server network will be the best. Since the the computers of clients can be regulated. Also, there will be no interruptions on other computers when one computer is crushed

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Q: If you are going to open an Internet cafe should you use peer to peer networking or a client server network?
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If internet is a client server network?

For the internet; your web browser is the client and the web server is the server.

What are types of network?

the types of network are 2 client\ server or server- bases and peer-to-peer networking

Is the Internet an example of a client server network?


A client server network is also known as?

Pretty much a client server network is known as a client server network.

Difference between peer to peer network and client server network?

client server network has a server but peer to peer to network does not have.

What is server based networking?

Server based networking is a network where the client computers all use a committed central server computer. Everyone using the network can store files in a central location. This type of network provides collaboration, security, and mobility.

The majority of Internet communications follows the model of network communications?

Client / Server

Which network entity would most likely be configured as both a DHCP client and a DHCP server?

Router is usually configured as a DHCP client for WAN (Internet) network and as a DHCP server for local network.

Which computer network model allows each computer to act as a client or server?

The Peer-to-Peer networking model.

The simplest form of a network is a client server network?

The simplest form of a network would be a peer to peer network, not a client server network.

What is the role of a network in client-server architecture?

Simple: in order to have a client-server architecture you need a network. The role of the network is to move data packets between the client and the server. In a client-server architecture the server usually has to manage the network (for example, a domain controller in a Windows environment).

What does networking mean in a Gmail profile?

Networking means transferring data from the server to the client. The client data can be sent to the server. Other servers can also receive data via networking.

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