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Mike, actually IF you can prove the injury happened during the repo and was the agents fault, you will come out ahead. Now if the agent had cameras on the truck as most do, you may face an uphill battle. Otherwise, it will be a you said/ he said spitting contest as to who is right and who is wrong. Mike, it is your responsibility to get your payments in on time as agreed. It is the lenders responsibilities to repo the collateral when it becomes apparent that you are not able to do as agreed. Why didnt you simply give the repoman the money that you were gonna take the dealer first thing in the morning? Save you a trip to town. IF you can prove your allegations, go see an attorney ASAP and get the ball rolling. Good Luck

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Q: If you are injured during the course of an auto repossession due to reckless behavior by the repo men what legal rights do you have?
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