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Yes it's their car you signed a lease they don't need a title to repossess their car. Title or no title they look up that information and have it mark on that title that the car was repossessed

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What happens if you have a clean title and loan is secured can finance company still repossess?


Is it legal for the lender to repossess a vehicle after you made arrangements and they accepted a payment?

it is legal, until it is paid for 100% and you have a title it belongs to them.

Can you junk a vehicle without title if the loan company refuses to repossess the car?

ONLY if you can find someone to buy it without a title. NO buyer, NO seller.

If primary owner and cosigner have both their names on the title and primary doesn't pay the payments can you repossess the vehicle The title says or on it.?

If there are two individuals listed on the title of a vehicle as primary and joint, they are both responsible for the payment of the loan. If the primary defaults on the payment, the joint owner is responsible for payment. If both parties default, the vehicle can be repossessed.

Can finance company repossess a boat if the title was sent to me?

Of course they can. The title probably shows a lien on the boat. Until you pay in full, they can take the boat back.

If a car was paid for and then you took out a title loan against it for twice the vehicle's value can the title loan company repossess it?

Why would they NOT be able to repo a car they purchased the title to? READ your contract.

How do I go about getting a title loan so I can make a mortgage payment?

You will find auto title loan companies in your community. Take the title to your car with you and talk to them about a loan. Your car title will be your security for repaying the debt. Just be ware if you do not, they can repossess your vehicle.

You have the title to your car however you are still paying the notes if you are late on a payment can the creditor repossess the car?

if the creditor's name is nowhere on the title,only your name,no one else. no liens. No one can legally take your car.

Can a title loan company repo a car that wasnot on the title loan agrement for nonpayment?

They can only repossess the vehicle which was on the loan agreement. Taking any other vehicle is theft.

Can a lien holder repossess your car if you have a clear title?

sure can if they have a title too

Who can repossess a car?

Any one on the title or that has a contract.

Can title loan company repossess your car in another state?

Yes. The lienholder is the rightful, legal owner of the vehicle, and can take possession of that vehicle anywhere.

Can you legally repossess your car with a lien on the title?

That is the only way you can repossess a vehicle. Repossession comes under the UCC which grants a lienholder the right to repossess but only if they have perfected their lien by filing it on the title. One caveate is in most states the lienholder can not repossess a vehicle that is under a mechanic's lien without first paying that lien.

Can a stop payment be put on check issued by title company after closing?

after closing and recording of property to new owner can a fidelity title company stop payment on a sale on a property. a lein was later discovered on the property after disbursments of sale were made by cashier checks and deposited

Car not paid for but i have car title?

You have the title, but I bet on that title the lender you own money to is listed as the lien holder. He can repossess the car at any time if you miss payments. Having the title means nothing.You have the title, but I bet on that title the lender you own money to is listed as the lien holder. He can repossess the car at any time if you miss payments. Having the title means nothing.

If i didn't pay my title pawn and they don't come get my car what can i do about the title?

Assuming you used the car's title to guarantee the loan - IF you fail to repay the loan, they can repossess your car ANY time they want to ! The title of the car remains the property of the loan company until you repay your debt.

Can Title Max garnish your wages if they choose to not repossess your car?

Yes they can.

Can one owner repossess a car from the other owner?

You can repossess a car from from any one as long as your down as a lean holder on title. If your name is not on the title as lean holder than you can't take the car.

When can a bank repossess someones car?

As long as the bank is listed as the lienholder on the title and as long as you owe them money and haven't paid they can repossess the car.

How does an auto title loan work?

In danger of being too vague, basically an auto title loan uses your car for collateral for the loan. This means if you default (miss one or more payments) on the loan, the company you borrowed money from could repossess your car. Be VERY careful if/when you get an auto title loan. Although they may let you "keep your car" (as a lot advertise as a "perk" to getting a loan with them) they may have very strict standards (i.e. repossessing the car if you are just one day late on a payment).Buyer beware...Such financial transactions only apply to a "clear title". It is illegal to attempt to procure a loan using a vehicle title that has a lien holder indicated.Read the fine print. Some Companies will apply an early payment to principal and not to the upcoming payment. Example: Your payment is due on the 2nd of the month. You make a payment on the 1st. The the payment on the 1st will be applied to principal. You still have a payment due on the 2nd, and on the 3rd they may come to repossess your car. So, make a payment in person every month, and read all the fine print before getting this type of loan. Check with your BANK or Credit Union. Some Banks/Credit Unions also provide a title loan but with conventional rules.Personal Experience:Years ago I looked at getting a title loan. I read the fine print and was shocked at what I was reading. When I asked the lady who wanted to give me the loan how can you legally get away with this I was told "OUR MONEY OUR RULES".....My response was "My Car My Title" and walked out!

Can a credit card company suzuki reposses a motorcycle if the title has no liens?

If you bought the bike on credit and miss the payments, they can and will repossess the bike and sell it at auction. Just like a car.

Can a co-signer for a car repossess the car for non-payment and or failure to maintain insurance?

NO, a co-signor cant repo anything. IF your name is on the TITLE as co-owner, you can take possession. NO name on the title, all you can do is work with the lender and take care of it that way.

What are the repossession laws concerning a title loan company and are they able torepossess a vehicle 2 weeks BEFORE the first payment is due?

The repossession laws will vary with each city/state. A title loan company can't repo a car if the payment is not yet due unless the car is behind on payments.

Is it true that in the state of South Carolina if you offer a title loan company all the money you have but is less than loan payment and they refuse payment does that make the lean void?


How do you get the title to a car you've had 5 years is on your credit as a repossession but the company never physically repossessed?

contact the lending institution and offer to make partial payment in exchange for the title.