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Yes. The lienholder is the rightful, legal owner of the vehicle, and can take possession of that vehicle anywhere.

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Q: Can title loan company repossess your car in another state?
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If you are late on your car payment can they repossess it even if neither you nor the loan company has a title?

Yes it's their car you signed a lease they don't need a title to repossess their car. Title or no title they look up that information and have it mark on that title that the car was repossessed

What happens if you have a clean title and loan is secured can finance company still repossess?


Can title max repo your car if you live in another state?

Yes they can I work for the company

Can you junk a vehicle without title if the loan company refuses to repossess the car?

ONLY if you can find someone to buy it without a title. NO buyer, NO seller.

Can finance company repossess a boat if the title was sent to me?

Of course they can. The title probably shows a lien on the boat. Until you pay in full, they can take the boat back.

If a car was paid for and then you took out a title loan against it for twice the vehicle's value can the title loan company repossess it?

Why would they NOT be able to repo a car they purchased the title to? READ your contract.

What is another title for the president of a company?

Another title is: General Manager.

Can a title loan company repo a car that wasnot on the title loan agrement for nonpayment?

They can only repossess the vehicle which was on the loan agreement. Taking any other vehicle is theft.

How do you get a title if the car company went out of business?

No problem - the title has nothing to do with the car company - the title comes from the state.

Can a lien holder repossess your car if you have a clear title?

sure can if they have a title too

Who can repossess a car?

Any one on the title or that has a contract.

What state can you change a CD title for salvage title?

Florida is one state where you can change a CD title for a salvage title. Another state where you can change a CD title for a salvage title is Tennessee.