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It depends on if you see the antifreeze leaking or it is just disappearing. If it is just disappearing then a bad head gasket or cracked head may be the problem. The smoking could actually be vaporized antifreeze. If that is the case don't run it until you can get it fixed.

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Q: If you are leaking antifreeze and the car is smoking what could be wrong?
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What is wrong if my 2002 jeep is leaking antifreeze into the oil?

Head gasket could be bad

What could be wrong if there is antifreeze and oil leaking from the underside of your car?

Probably a blown head gasket. Get a technician to look at it. If it is, it will be a major ordeal.

What is wrong if a 98 Plymouth breeze is leaking oil in the antifreeze?

The headgasket has failed.

Antifreeze in a 2001 celica gt if it gets low but there is no overheating or leaking what is wrong?

It could be caused by a defective pressure cap on the radiator cooling system.

1990 dodge spirit and saw the smoking front radiator but dont see where the leaking?

Radiator cap could be lose or wrong size

What can be wrong when car is car leaking antifreeze?

there might be a leak some where in a coolant line. or maybe you have a leak in your radiator.

What is wrong with 1992 Toyota Camry leaking antifreeze out of small round hole under alternator causing overheating?

Defective water pump.

What could be wrong if Oil is leaking in to the plugs.?

Possibly head gasket.

You had a water pump changed and some seals for an antifreeze leak in your rodeo and now am also leaking oil Why?

because you probaly changed it with the wrong water

I have antifreeze and steam coming out of the passenger side near the hoses after driving car for about an hour but doesn't leak if car is just sitting what could wrong its a 96 Honda accord?

heatercore leaking! also change thermastat.

What could be wrong if you just replaced the P trap in the kitchen but you cannot get it to stop leaking?

What joint exactly is leaking on you p-trap?

What is wrong if a 97 Plymouth breeze is leaking black oil in the antifreeze?

Probably a blown head gasket. If the car has an (engine) oil cooler it might be a leak there too.

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